Has PSN surpassed Xbox Live?

To answer the title with no suspense


I am not saying this as a Sony fanboy, or a Nintendo fanboy, or a PC-lover. It’s just it is time to face the reality of Xbox Live: It’s over. Blame PSN and especially blame PS Plus. Funny… Sony has done something right for a change regarding it’s internet game (as Playstation Home users nod oh wait…there aren’t any!). From being ridiculed by different developers, to it’s Vita (let’s hope that succeeds) Sony hasn’t exactly been racking on the A+ side of their own ideas. Let’s not shut down on Xbox either, which is in more homes than the PS3, even with Sony’s great PS3 sale numbers (which are consistently rising); the Xbox started the storm for home-console online multiplayer.


So, why and how has Sony and the PS3 become the new online king. Well, to sound redundant it’s PS Plus. PS3 already has a free internet service so obviously a savings of $49.99 (plus to boot Wii U and PC are free internet services are well) and using services like Netflix, Youtube, etc, are already free! To Xbox users, you can download apps, when you are a non-Gold member, but remember they are not usable. So to start off the bat you must pay for your internet service, in addition to paying for outside services on top of the 10, 25, or 50 dollars you pay to “activate” your Xbox. This PS Plus, is a optional subscription ranging from $49.99 for the year to enhance your online experience with your PS3. From giving away of free games like classic PS or PS2 games, or even recent or full retail games like InFamous or The Walking Dead, you are getting more than an Xbox user ever would. To boot, there are daily, weekly, or monthly discounts for regular PS3 users and then a further discount for PSN users!

In fact Sony recently revealed Plus’ discounts and giveaways amounted to a cumulative $2,472 in 2012. While, I doubt EVERYONE downloaded EVERYTHING, I’m pretty sure more than 99% of users got their $50 value from being a member. There is a catch to this “paradise” of games you get being a PS Plus member. All PS PLus downloads are for only for PS Plus users. To clarify, if you don’t re-up your subscription then all your games you got through PS Plus, disappear (obviously until you re-subscribe).

These insane prices are blowing us away Tails! [don’t steal my gifs

Defending Xbox

The only real leg Xbox has to stand-on is Cross Game Chat. Xbox pioneered the online multiplayer, in addition to the microphone chat system. PS3 does have a microphone (actually Bluetooth) chatting system; but you cannot talk to other friends unless you are in the same game with them. While not necessarily a bad thing, I would say there is no sense of a community for Playstation users. For Xbox, I can talk to my friend while I play Halo and he is playing NBA 2K13, a pretty cool feature, considering this in two fashions. One, we can catch up sometimes especially if they live in another area during the year (i.e. college) and second, you don’t have to hear half of these whiny “losers” online.

[Roughly coughs out loud at mention and skipping of Playstation Home]

In fact, the friends list is a lot more useful in Xbox than it is for Playstation. Speaking from my own experience, I have roughly 60 friends on PSN and talk to a whooping zero percent of them! In fact, some of them are from here on myIGN, others I’ve beaten on MvC2, and others personal friends. But, since there is no cross-game chat and the fact they there is a VAST library on the PS3, it’s almost as the PS3 is the “solo” system.

Is Live done? Am I the only reason for Live? (for me yes)

What to expect, the future, and the dash

The dashboard vs the XMB is actually not even a competition at all. Xbox’s dash is filled with ads, while the only “ads” you’d ever see on PSN is if you hover over the Playstation store to see the deals, or look in the upper right hand corner to see a little announcement. I would say the worst part is the apps that Xbox offers, like Twitter and Facebook, run slower than their PS3 counterparts, in addition to you PAYING for them. In addition, these “apps” are not even available in all countries, such as Australia, who still has to pay for Gold online!

Well, I look at the Xbox and see a majority of the younger audience owns the Xbox. It is perceived, falsely I may add, as the hardcore machine. In addition, all your “friends” have it so you must get Xbox and Xbox Live to play with your friends. It’s more of a I need this, so I am not left out in a sense type machine. Using my own personal experience, I have had Live for roughly a year now. I only play Halo Reach and Halo 4 online; but in my personal experience, it is either you play with friends or you are paying for online services, to get more achievements. In fact you can say Xbox Live is the new “cellphone” with achievement perks.

I see Playstation carrying over their online “formula” to their next system, Orbis/Ps4. Remember whatever ain’t broke then don’t fix it! For Microsoft, I do not know where they are going to take their online package, or even what their plan is. In most likely hood, they will probably keep their online services the same, or maybe add a bit more. But I think if they really want to strike gold, they will make Live a bit more like PSN, or rethink their whole process.
Do you think Live is overpriced now or overrated? What do you think is the future of online services?


Michael Troina writes features and reviews Nintendo games for Analog Addiciton. When he’s not writing or playing games or sports, he’s out at his job at the Daily Bugle taking pictures as the web-slinger we all have come to love…either that or he’s getting sandwich saving one world at a time. Find him anywhere with this flavors.me/michaeltroina Or subscribe to him at youtube here!


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  1. Interesting article, though I would not underestimate the amount of loyalty users have invested in Xbox Live, and their insufferable ability to fervently defend its superiority, despite the fact that Playstation has created a comparable platform, (fanboyism aside, if you can manage it) that happens to be completely free to use. Lets also look to the future, Sony’s announcement was impressive, have no illusions of Microsoft dominating the next-gen arms race, they will have to deliver on May 21 to maintain their lead, and rumours suggest they haven’t got the goods. Which ever way you fall in the console divide, the battle to win the next-generation is going to be hard fought and bitter, the outcome of which I would be careful of making any predictions.


  2. Total online envy by a Sony Fanboy. PSN+ has 4 million paying subscribers. Xbox Live has 20 million paying subscribers.

    See the difference? Do you Sony Fanboy’s really think that Sony isn’t looking at those MS numbers ($60 x 20 mill) and drooling. Knowing that they were testing the waters with PSN+ to go full pay for all the features that PS4 will have (i.e. sharing, cross-game-chat, party system, etc). It’s coming.

    No company, especially one bleeding money like Sony, is going to ignore that pile of money that can be had. And Sony knows you’ll complain, but you won’t run to Microsoft or quit gaming. You are trapped.

    I read constant blogger idiots stating that “Microsoft will have to make their online free”. But you ignore the obvious other option, that “Sony makes their online subscription”.

    None of you work in Corporate America (and both these companies are large companies beholden to shareholders), you live in mom’s house and work at Gamestop and suddenly you’re all business geniuses. Laughable, at best.


  3. Thankfully, most of PSN is filled with foreigners who, when they know english (and probably when they don’t) are a much more pleasant group of folk than our American counterparts. This is another HUGE plus for PSN if you ask me. The occasional obnoxious voice chatter is the exception instead of the rule whereas on XBL, it’s standard fare where the friendly type is the exception.

    I have always loved PSN. I don’t know what it”s like to pay for online gaming since I never have. And PS+ is a BLESSING. Sure, if you stop paying the $4-$6 a month, you lose access to your PS+ games but you DON’T lose access to anything else, including games you downloaded outside of your discounts from the service.

    XBL still has some cool features but as this generation fades, next gen those won”t be talking points. Depending on what Microsoft has to offer with their NeXtBOX, PSN may end up having MORE features and be on the other end of the spectrum.


  4. What a bunch of garbage, psn+ only advantage over xbl is the free old games which you lose once you stop paying in every other area xbl is better. cross game chat, background music over game music,video messages,online privacy options, can have multiple people signed in on a single console,game patches first, gets dlc first, has background mantenice unlike psn which shuts down once a month every month,xbl has never been hacked and brought to its knees like psn did for over a month, xbl get apps first like Netflix and xbl is not riddled with ads it has one very small spot per page and usually it’s game related not to mention 100% of Xbox games have achievements and over the last 12 month xbl has gained 6 million new active users so ms must be doing something right.


  5. Man that ashkan guy is an asshat and all of the people from his country of *insert crappy country* are morons. Look I can insult over the internet too! How about you grow up and stop calling the Xbox the gaybox it makes you look retarded and if you can’t even attempt to use correct grammar why bother? I don’t go to foreign websites posting about stuff in their broken language because that would make me look stupid and ignorant like yourself. I think the fact of the matter is you are too blind a sheep to see your own blind love if Sony told you to bend over so they could shove a PS3 up your ass you would in an instant.


  6. That’s why M$ keeps charging for Live, there will always be stupid people to pay for something that is free in other places (forget PSN, Steam anyone?).
    God I hate to play online on xbox, it is for people like you that no matter what, keeps following totally blind all the garbage from M$.

    Wake up from your fanboyism


  7. wow lots of gaybox fanpussy’s ! from where u guys just pop-up ? PSN is bad , PlayStation is a joke and what else ? u arrogant (most probebly stupid americans) poeple have no clue what ure talking about or simply u just like to open ur dirty mouths and talk , isnt it ? gaybox live is a better srvice ? how come i never understood that ? doese it have an extra service that PSN doesnt ? does it have more quality in online games (lag-delay-time out) ? if it does have such thing fuc king name it , huh ? cross game chat ? seriously ? after all this time u stupid sheeps dont know yet its a system releated thing and not network releated ? if u still think its network releated PS Vita says hello , all u gaybox fanboys R bunch of sheeps who bought the cheaper box (wish u all had only bought 1 wich is a lie , RROD says hi) and now u defend it , fuc king patchetic animals get a life .


  8. Author, take master chiefs pistol, aim at your face and pull the trigger for you are an idiot who has been granted the privilege to spread your moronic and obvious fanboyism over the world wide web. Reading some of these comments i can see that there are plenty more like you who believe this foolish idea.


  9. lmao the author of this article is a bum dont fix what isn’t broken which is xbox and xbox live ps cross media bar is joke. You are right though sony has completely stole dam near everything microsoft has define in the last 10 yrs. there was no console with online community,no online marketplace,friends list,achievements,chat/party chat, etc… No sony sits back and steals all there innovation and act like they care about gamers of psn is free is a poor ass service but i will admit plus is nice but it kills profits for developers which is another convo. Im glad it looks like sony has gotten there head out of there ass with the ps4 but they need to give credit where credit is due esp the share button they stole right off of onlive controller and the sony fanboys acting like sony has made the innovation of the year.If u are a little bit of intelligent u can get xbl for 30 a yr all day long the fact is xbl is better then psn with all the ads and everything …


    • Please bear your personal testimony about Playstations so new converts can become faithful sheeps to Sony. We at Sony HQ don’t ask you to submit your body and blood, we just need you to submit your money and time. We hype, you type!

      Let’s start a smear campaign to beat our competitors. Do all you can to keep the world’s attention away from the May 21st. Thanks You. 😉



    • PlayStation is the biggest joke on the planet and Sony are the laughing stock of the entire tech industry. All they do are overhyped rip-offs that don’t deliver.
      GTFO of business Sony!


  10. i stop Reading when he said Xbox Dash ir worse than Ps3 dash… LOL

    Nothing is worse than Ps3 dash that Dash was on Psp back in 2004, its a trainwreck, Xbox Dash feels fresh, New and in line with the Future, Ps3 dash belongs to the past, ugly and not user friendly…

    But yeah Psn LOL what a joke of a service, people really havent played anything better to even come to think Psn is good when its trash the only thing good are the deals on Plus, nothing more.


  11. “PS3 does have a microphone (actually Bluetooth) chatting system; but you cannot talk to other friends unless you are in the same game with them.” ps3 actually has a chat party sistem, like 6 to 8 friends can join a chat room, theres also a txt room, u can use while in games, theres a video chatroom also, why do i nee x chat it will only ruim the mp for the rest of the people when ur not payign attention


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