AA’s Psych Ward: Danger Room And Danger

Danger Room

Today we dive into what is the mutant training facility, the Danger Room. We all know it to be the center point of what not only turned the five original X-Men into the warriors of peace and equality we see today. And what we also explore is the sentient robot, Danger that sprang from it.

The Danger Room is the training facilitybuilt for the X-Men. Filled with battle simulations, traps, robots, projectile firing devices, flamethrowers, and mechanical dangers such as presses, collapsing walls and the like intended to challenge the trainee. The most recent upgrades to the Danger Room have expanded it’s reach to the whole facility it’s built in. Anything from your very own room, hallways, kitchen, bathrooms, to classroom can be turned into a simulation suited to your abilities.

Despite being just a room, it is one of the most important aspects of the X-Men’s world. This practice is what has trained many generations of mutants and many generations to come. They learn to survive, overcome their weaknesses, and work as a team so that when they go out into the field they can work as a cohesive unit. It’s the X-Men’s strength, and it all starts in the Danger Room. The most interesting fact about the Danger Room is that after the numerous attacks on the X-Mansion or where ever it’s located, it is the one part that usually stays intact even though damaged. And that’s what leads to the many upgrades that lead up to what we have now between Cyclop’s school and Wolverine’s.


It was years later that the Danger Room developed self-awareness and was revealed to be sentient. Wolverine was the first to notice this when he said that the room had been ‘acting twitchy all semester.’ It all started when Danger convinced Wing, who has recently been depowered by Ord’s cure, to kill himself being that his power of course was to fly. Even after such an act, took control of an old, broken Sentinel robot and knocked out all the psychics within the X-Mansion and send a message to them. It was after they realized the Danger Room was alive that they made a move to destroy it, which was all a part of Danger’s plans. After being freed from its prison, it takes the form of a woman. She called herself ‘Danger’ and attacked the X-Men.

The interesting part was that she could not kill any mutants. After everything Danger went through she could not fight her programming to kill anyone. And even if she could, deep down that wasn’t the person Danger was. She was just a machine that felt like she was a slave to those who used her, something the X-Men are very familiar with. Any quarry she really had was with Xavier who was shamed for what he did to her, he knew she was alive and left her trapped in the Danger Room all those years. She was alone and ignored, and the X-Men made her feel like one of them. They gave her the one thing she desired most which was freedom and understanding.

What she brought which was special to the X-Men’s universe was that while she was there to help them, she was also finding herself. She wanted to feel alive and like any other machine she wanted to be able to understand the impossible. While being a machine, Danger was really the most human and came off as that voice of reason. Something that is surprising being one of the strongest among them. If she came back to the X-Men’s world I believe she would be very useful in any of the situations they throw her in.


And stay tuned!


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