Should There Be Another ‘Journey Into Mystery’?

Journey Into Mystery

As Loki’s story came to a close and Lady Sif’s first story arc ending in Journey Into Mystery, the question then has to be asked, what next? It is a successful series even though the Lady Sif’s book was underrated. It would be wise to continue this book and see what of Asgardia which has not been explored.

Lady Sif”s story was filled with action and surrounded with mystery which demonstrated her capabilities as a warrior.  She has proven to be among the most wise of Asgardia. The mystery to her story is that Lady Sif believes in tradition, a tradition that she feared was forgotten. This leads her on an adventure to explore what has been left in the past, to try and become the greatest warrior she can be by obtaining what she thought was an enchantment to make her one of the powerful berserkers. Where Loki’s story led him on a path to explore his past, Sif’s led her on a journey to explore Asgardia’s past. We were taken down a warriors path and we got to see life through the eyes of one of the greatest to roam the halls of Asgardia. She may not wield the power of a god like Thor, or have the expertise in magic like Loki, but what she has is heart. Whatever represents Asgardia, we saw in Lady Sif.

Lady Sif - JIM

Loki’s story is of what happens when you take someone who has that potential to be evil and have him go above and beyond to prove a world that hates him wrong. He relied on his wits and tricks to overcome the many obstacles he faces as he tries to avoid becoming who everyone remembers him as, to do the secret work the All Mothers give him, and to save himself from the many foes he has rubbed the wrong way in the past or now as a kid.Just to be a hero, Loki sacrificed his own reputation which was already stained by his past life to do whatever it took to keep those close to him safe. That is something a real hero does, and something new from this Loki that is worth praise. Where Loki may not be half the warrior Lady Sif is, or half the god Thor is, Loki is something new and unique that you can’t help but admire.

Now as to what’s next? I’d say that the Warriors Three could easily hold a book of their own. They are just as important as Loki and Lady Sif to Asgardia. Maybe even explore the life of Heimdall, someone who you only get to see when there is a threat coming for them, but what happens between those moments? Then again, Marvel can take a big risk and create a whole new character all together. There is nothing lost from creating a new character that could shine a new light on Asgardia because even though there isn’t too much different from Asgard, it’s a new chapter of a world that is important not only to Earth, but to the whole Marvel Universe. This new character could be a new god as well, Thor: God of Thunder has shown that there’s so many gods out there and maybe some within the walls of Asgardia that we have not been exposed to. Overall, we would be getting a better understanding of Asgardia as readers and any book that can accomplish this task is worth picking up.


And stay tuned!


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  1. Wait, what’s this about Sif’s story ending? I mean, the first arc is over, but another arc is coming up, teaming her up with Beta Ray Bill. I haven’t heard anything about any plans for Sif to be removed from the book. Did you read something about her being removed?

    I’m loving Immonen’s take on Sif. Sif tended to be treated terribly in the ’60s and ’70s – a warrior who couldn’t fight, and who was used as a damsel in distress far too often. Seeing her written as a legitimate badass in her own right – and more, as an independent woman who doesn’t actually need Thor to be complete – has been great.


      • OK. It just seemed like you were implying that Sif is being dropped from the book.

        If they ever do move on from Sif, Marvel’s best bet – from a purely marketing standpoint – would actually probably be to make it a Thor team-up book. Have an issue where he’s working with the Warriors Three, another with Heimdall, maybe one with Valkyrie, perhaps even one with Freyja. Intersperse with issues where he’s teamed up with non-Asgardians. I feel like Captain Marvel could probably play off him well. Hawkeye’d be a fun one. Dr. Strange. Just whoever it’d be fun to see Thor teamed with.

        Still, I’d like to see Sif stay as the protagonist for a while. She’s great, and she totally deserves a chance to shine.


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