Catwoman #19 Review


Written by: Ann Nocenti
Art by: Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarrogona

This issue was solid to say the least. Usually Catwoman is the one breaking into the most unimaginable places, but this time around she’s the one being broke into by the JLA. And in this case it’s the Arkham Asylum, and for the Scepter of The State. No matter where they were breaking into it only made sense that Catwoman would be the one the JLA send to steal something.

While she was learning her way around the facility, what stood out was what we got to see on inside. Everything from their means of torture, how they keep the many villains there on pills to keep them from fighting back, the shock treatments they give, the rooms they stick them in to stimulate their emotions, to just breaking them. Even Dr. Arkham was a bit twisted in his approach to Catwoman throughout. He came off very mechanical, as if every villain is the same and it was exciting to see that even as far as he pick her brain he could not break her so easily.

What is selling this part of the story is that Catwoman is a rebel, and we see that side of her as she is nothing more than sickened at what goes on in the asylum. It’s not the place for her and while she had a mission to accomplish it’s not hard to lose your cool in that kind of environment. I mean the only question I had through it all was why she wasn’t stripped of her costume. Sure they brought her in already in the straight jacket, but you’d expect that they’d put her in a uniform to ensure she couldn’t use her claws. It’s a small issue, though besides that it was a very solid issue.

The art is definitely better as the colors and inking really made her character pop. That’s something you expect when you read a book of a character like Catwoman.

Score: 7.4/10


And stay tuned!


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