Controversial Creative Director Adam Orth Has Reportedly Left Microsoft

Remember Adam Orth, the guy from Microsoft who lashed out at the folks who were strongly against the always-online rumor regarding the next Xbox last week?

Reports from Polygon reveal Orth is no longer with Microsoft.

While Microsoft declined to comment on the matter, two sources confirmed Orth’s departure to Polygon.

If you missed the controversy, rumors surfaced on the internet over the next Xbox requiring a constant internet connection in order to use it. Due to the negativity received from the public, Creative Director at Microsoft Adam Orth took it upon himself to tweet his frustrations. Orth’s final tweet ended with the hash tag “#dealwithit” alongside a meme of Obama with the same words as seen below:

Although there are not any reasons pertaining to Orth’s departure from Microsoft yet, it is safe to assume his wave of frustrated Tweets are the prime suspects.


Source: Polygon


Robbie Key is a “Reviews and News Editor”  for Analog Addiction, Entertainment Editor for the Pine Log newspaper at Stephen F. Austin State University, and blogger for IGN. Follow his completely relevant Twitter updates, watch his awesomtacular YouTube videos, and view his LinkedIn profile.


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