Hacker Group Members Plead Guilty To Hacking Nintendo, Sony and Bethesda

Three members of the UK branch of hacking group LulzSec have pleaded guilty to launching DDOS attacks and hacking  a large number of big companies.

Amongst the victims of the hack were Nintendo, Sony, Bethesda, 20th Century Fox, the National Health Service (NHS) and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). The BBC reports 26 year old Ryan “Kayla” Ackroyd pleaded guilty to the charges laid out before him yesterday.

As well as working for LulzSec, Akroyd also revealed he had been working for Anonymous, the hacking group behind Sony’s 2011’s PlayStation Network leak and Ars Technica, a technology website.

Akroyd would frequently use his alter ego to protect his identity when working for these sites. His persona of a 16 year old girl is where the name “Kayla” comes from.

The hackers charges, as a result of his plea, will be left on file. Other attacks include those against the CIA, Dust 514 developer’s older MMO, Eve Online and the hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church.

The other two members who pleaded guilty, Mustafa “Tflow” Al-Bassam, aged 18 and Jake “Topiary” Davis, aged 20 have also admitted to the charges of hacking and engaging in DDOS attacks. Ryan Cleary, another fellow member of LulzSec will also be charged.

All four members of LulzSec will be subjected to sentencing in court on May 14th.

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