Batman Arkham Origins Details And Screenshots Leak Online

Details and screenshots of the just announced Batman Arkham Origins have leaked online and reveal a hefty amount of details.

Both the details and the screenshots come from gaming blog who haven’t provided a source of the information thought the screens bear the Game Informer watermark.

The details spoil a gameplay demo so reading with caution is advised.

Batman vs Slade

Players should note the differences to Batman’s suit in this game. It’s more a shade of black than his trademark Arkham gray.

As we already found out earlier today, Batman is being hunted by nine of his deadliest villains who it turns out have been hired by the Roman Sionis aka the Black Mask to kill Batman. Gotham PD are also in on the hunt for the Dark Knight.

Red Skull err Black Mask

The details note that Rocksteady are indeed working on a new game but it’s unclear whether or not it’s a new Batman game or a new IP altogether. The blog also says how Warner Bros. Montreal, the team behind development, chose a prequel story due to staying out of Rocksteady’s way should the series creator choose to do new things with the franchise post-Arkham City. Doing so also gives the team as much creative freedom as they need. The team is also using the Wii U version to get more familiar with the Unreal 3 game engine.

Gotham PD.

With the game being a prequel, Batman is not at “finely honed” as he was in the previous games due to the Dark Knight being younger in Origins. With this new game, the gameplay has been changed slightly with “new layers, new opportunities and new tactics.” Such gameplay changes such as a remote grappler reportedly akin to Just Cause 2’s grapple device. This allows Batman to target two enemies or objects at once and hit both with the grapple. With this grapple, Batman is then able to use it to pull two enemies at the same time thus slamming them into each other. WB Montreal has also reportedly introduced new enemies types but no specifics are available.

It's the BAT!

Gamingeverything also has details on the new map with is comprised of two areas, Old Gotham and New Gotham which are reportedly a lot bigger than anything we’ve seen in an Arkham game to date. Buildings will also be much taller and unlocking new zones will double the map size.

Black Mask

Players can also use the Batwing, Batman’s jet, as a means of fast travel. However, to keep Batman confined to certain areas or at least slow his progress, enemies have erected signal blocking towers similar to Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 that will prevent the Batwing from finding Batman thus meaning no fast travel until they are destroyed.


As Batman travels the city, the player will encounter random occurrences similar to what was seen in Arkham City. Batman will then be able to interact and intervene as he see’s fit. Two reported instances are Batman being able to save a snitch being thrown from a roof whilst the other require Batman from saving cops from criminals. Engaging in such activities will gain the player XP points as well as contributing “To the GCPD’s understanding and appreciation of Batman.”

A new mode has been introduced called Most Wanted which allows Batman to chase down villains outside of the game’s story. Doing so will earn upgrades from Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth who will send in gadgets should Batman need them similar to Arkham City. Another mode is the Dark Knight system which provides tasks for the player to engage in that increase in difficulty the more they’re played. The blog also notes the Challenge Mode from the previous games will still exist.

Image source: Game Informer.

Image source: Game Informer.

Gamingeverything also provide details on a gameplay demo shown. The demo is about an hour into the game and has Batman revisiting the Arkham City map which is not yet a prison city and still has civilians residing there. The presence of the Black Mask’s assassin’s has agitated the local criminals so for now, the area is a powder keg of enemy activity. The demo see’s Batman face off against villains Deathstroke and the Penguin. Having beaten them both, Batman goes to a location based off of intel provided by the Penguin to find two bodies, the Black Mask and his girlfriend who have supposedly been murdered. The demo ends with Batman beginning to investigate the crime scene.

Now bear in mind, whilst the screenshots obviously look like the real deal, the details have no further sources to back them up so until we see more in Game Informer’s May issue, this is only speculation.

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