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Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Details And Screens Emerge

Screens and details for the 3DS and Vita versions of Batman Arkham Origins named Blackgate have emerged online following leaked details and screens of the main game.

Leaked from Nintendoeverything.com, Warner Bros. went for a 2.5D design option instead of a fully 3D version of the game. As a result, Armature were chosen to develop the game due to the studio’s familiarity with this particular method of game design. The studio itself has various members from the Metroid Prime series.



Taking place after the events of Origins, Batman finds himself on Blackgate island to quell a prison uprising instigated by unknown parties. The game itself features 2D cinematics animated in comic form similar to Sucker Punch’s 2009 game Infamous. Blackgate will be complete with a full voice cast as well. As the screens indicate, the game is a side-scroller but side passages and secret areas will also be featured for players to discover amongst the levels. As players move through the game, Batman will come across gadget upgrades in a similar fashion to the main game and the previous two Arkham games I.E calling items in as he needs them.


Rather than players efforts being focused on upgrades, an emphasis on collection will be featured in the handheld version. Batman will be able to pick up items from fallen enemies as a result. Nintendoeverything also note whilst the game is on a 2D plane, players will be able to explore, interact and fight in the background and foreground. Blackgate also takes into account the stealth elements of the Arkham games and implements them into the handheld version. Players will still be able to use Gargoyles and other higher ground perches to sneak past enemies. When attacked, enemies will come at Batman from angles which will allow the game to utilise the series trademark freeflow combat system by attacking enemies in the background and foreground as well as in the games 2D plane. The combat system has also reportedly been built from the ground up as opposed to simply ported from the main games.


Blackgate will also feature of all of Batman’s trademark gadgets such as the grapple, the Line Launcher, Batarangs, explosive gel and more. In addition, Armature will also be adding new gadgets into the game. With the 2D plane, Armature have also made their own version of Predator mode that will feature enemy lines of sight and colours to indicate whether they know of your presence or not I.E green for undetected and red for detected. All the vantage points such as vents and breakable walls will be in the game.


Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate will have have manual saves for those on the go as well as a modern checkpoint system. In a different formula to the series past games, the bosses in the game can be fought in any order. Doing so will allow the players to play the game in a non-linear fashion that will still tell the story of the game and players will have to figure out ways of defeating the bosses for themselves.

Batman Vita

The game will also feature detective mode which will be activated with the touch of a button. Detective mode can tell you of an enemies alert status, where new secrets are and discovering and analysing clues.

Similar to the previous story, this source is uncredited so until Game Informer release details, this is purely speculation.

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