Thief to be “Mystical and Weird;” Zombies Not Included

Thief 4

When it comes to its levels, the ‘Thief’ franchise is known for following a certain tradition by including all manner of weird, and sometimes out of this world moments. According to Eidos, this reboot will be no different.

In an interview with StrategyInformer, the developer stated that while it’s important for gamers to feel connected to a “realistic [and] believable” world in which Garret lives, the game will still portray “some stuff that looks weird and is mystical, […] But we will not have zombies in this one.”

“Like you said, its a tradition, and when we started to work on this project I guarantee that we did our homework to understand why people were in love with this franchise,” stated producer Stephane Roy.

“For this one we decided not to be too magical, instead we talked more about mystical. On our side its really important to see players connect with the games and the realistic believable aspect is important for this, but that said we are going to have some stuff that looks weird and is mystical,” said Roy. “But we will not have zombies in this one.” As a side-note, the first ‘Thief’ did feature zombies.

Thief 4 #2

The producer also wanted to note that this entry in neither a prequel, nor a sequel.

“We want to give some homage to previous games, but if you compare this to what Christopher Nolan did with the Batman franchise – its still the same main character, still the same Bruce Wayne, but on the other hand it looks completely different to whats gone before, different costume, and no Adam West! Thats the type of thing were aiming to go for.”

Regarding the PC port, Eidos states that it is as important as the console ones.

“No doubt on our side the PC version is extremely important. Just playing ‘Thief’ with a keyboard and mouse its different so we must make sure we support that well. For making the PC version we think like a PC gamer, for consoles its a different type of beast. Its one of our goals to make sure that the PC version isnt just a copy of the console version.”

Vlad Pintea is a senior editor of news and features here at Analog Addiction, and sometimes he even reviews games. You can contact him via e-mail at or, My IGN, on Skype, Steam (all at the same name: vlad94pintea) or Facebook (Vlad Pintea). Have a good day, and remember: stay calm and keep on gaming!


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