No Performance Bottlenecks For The PS4

The PlayStation 4 won’t be suffering from any technical bottlenecks it has been revealed.

In an interview with Edge Magazine, Guerrilla’s Michiel Van Der Leeuw explained that the PS4’s intricate and careful design has allowed developers to avoid technical limitations.

“The fact that the best pieces of hardware are also devised from, or optimised versions, of the stuff we find in PCs doesn’t make it any less a console,” Van Der Leeuw says. “A PC is a number of parts hat also [have] bridges in-between, where there are inefficiencies that may [come in if they’re not] exactly the right match.”

According to Van Der Leeuw, the design of the PS4 is specifically meant to cut out such inefficiencies.

“We’ve got the right amount of memory, video card; everything’s balanced out. It was a veryΒ conscious effort to make sure that – with the speed of the memory, the amount of computer units, the speed of the hard drive – there would not be any bottlenecks.”

Killzone Shadow Fall, Guerrilla’s next game, is expected to be a PlayStation 4 launch title.

Source: Edge Magazine Issue 253.


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