Microsoft Creative Director Lashes Out Against Complaints Of “Always Online” Functionality

Microsoft creative director, Adam Orth, has spoken out on Twitter in response to the negative criticisms of the rumours of the next Xbox requiring a mandatory constant Internet connection.

A forum user on NeoGAF managed to get some handy screen caps of Orth’s Tweets before he made them protected meaning the average Twitter user cannot view them without his permission.

Adam Orth Tweet series 1



Orth’s views were challenged by BioWare employee Manveer Heir who makes the point of the unreliability of people’s Internet connections in less built up areas outside of the big cities. Orth’s response suggested those who don’t always have access to a steady Internet service should “#dealwithit.”

Heir then retorted with asking Orth if he had ever lived in Janesville WI, a small city in Wisconsin referencing the smaller cities lesser Internet capabilities to which Orth replied with “Why on Earth would I want to live there?”

Orth then ended the argument with the following:



Orth has been with Microsoft for over a year now working on an announced project which is likely the next-gen Xbox. Orth’s defence of “Always Online” has built up more speculation suggesting the Xbox 720 will require its users to be constantly online. The rumours of this feature came around at the beginning of April 2012.

Of course, Orth confirms nothing here but these rumours have been circulating for the last year.

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