Dig Terraria? Blocks are in Place for a Vita Port!

Terraria, the hit PC indie title, is coming to PS Vita! This comes on the heels of the recent console launch of the game, which is out now on both PSN and XBLA.


For those not in the know, Terraria is a 2d adventure title that has you mine, craft and survive in large randomly generated worlds. It features old-school action RPG fighting mechanic, and a beefy inventory system that will give you the tools to explore and build. Expect our full written review later today.

Porting process has just begun, with the development team not clarifying just how this version of Terraria will utilize all of the different functions available. Therefore, no word on cross-buy or save function.

The game is expected to release Summer 2013. For more info on all things Terraria, keep checking back to AnalogΒ Addiction.

Jaime aka. Paco is an avid fan of JRPGs and Lakers basketball, both of which are doing somewhat poorly in their current state, however both seem to show positive improvement in the future. If you want to pop him a question, just comment below or reach him on his TwitterΒ @RTBL1990


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