PopCap announces ‘Plants vs. Zombies Adventures’ and ‘Plants vs. Zombies 2’

Get ready for a double dose of Plants vs. Zombies.

PopCap – the development team behind PvZ and various other hit titles – announced a Plants vs. Zombies Adventures beta, a social adaption coming to Facebook. The beta will start out releasing to specifically targeted and limited audiences and will gradually expand with more and more users able to join later in the spring season.

Adventures will let players travel beyond the backyard by going on “road trips” where you will fight hordes of zombies in a variety of different locations both close and far away. Features also include brand new zombie and plants types; new ways to acquire, grow and layout plant defenses; and leaderboards.  Your friends on Facebook can even send groups of zombies towards your way (this will let you know who to un-friend).

The head of PopCap’s San Francisco studio Curt Bererton said, “Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a highly accessible, zombie-zapping adaptation of the original game designed specifically for Facebook. The game not only offers up exclusive new plants and zombies along with old favorites, it features all-new forms of zombie combat that will open PvZ to a whole new world. We like to think we’re creating a brand new twist on the classic Plants vs. Zombies that is the most social, shareable and expansive Plants vs. Zombies experience ever.”

For more upcoming news on Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, like their Facebook page.

PopCap additionally announced Plants vs. Zombies 2, the official sequel to the original title. PvZ 2 is set to launch in early summer.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear news of two additions to the PvZ franchise? Couldn’t care less? Let us know in the comments section.


Robbie Key  is a “Reviews and News Editor”  for Analog Addiction, Entertainment Editor for the Pine Log newspaper at Stephen F. Austin State University, and blogger for IGN. Follow his completely relevant Twitter updates and watch his awesomtacular YouTube videos.


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