Will It Be Angel Or Jean To Join Uncanny X-Men?

The summary we get for All New X-Men #10 is “Who will join Cyclops and his revolutionary crew? The answer will shock you!”. First of all, Cyclop’s team heading to the school to recruit didn’t even cross my mind as an option till that moment happened. The first thought that came to my mind when they started Uncanny X-Men was that it would be starring mostly new mutants, but that is not the case seeing the end of the most recent Uncanny X-Men and All New X-Men #9. So today AA will take a guess as to who that shocking mutant may be.

After humiliating the Avengers in public and frozen in time, Cyclops and his team make a trip to the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning to make a call to their old supporters. Shouldn’t be too hard right? Before AvX, Cyclops had many people that respected him and would follow him to hell and back until the Phoenix possessed him. Though it was only because he was arrested that all of Cyclops’s supporters had no choice but to leave him and stay at the school. But given the chance I think they would all go back to his side without a second thought. He and his team have become heroes all over the world to both mutants and humans alike. He has gained more respect than he could ever imagine and so much more for everything he has done. If there were people on weren’t on his side before they would also join up with him as well. More than likely some of Wolverine’s students might have a change of heart as well which is to be expected when they might see him more of a leader than Wolverine.

But getting back to who AA thinks will be this shocking new addition. We actually have 2 guesses as to who it may be, younger Angel and Jean Grey. Both up to now have shown that they don’t really fit in much with the rest of the group and seem to want more out of their time there than others. Lets start with Angel. When they all voted to stay in the future to save the mutant race from the so called genocide that Beast warned them of to happen soon, he was the only one to vote to go back to the past. A majority vote outnumbered him and he was forced to stay against his own will. It’s not that he didn’t just believe that they weren’t supposed to be there, he knew something in his life had to happen which didn’t go well in his favor because everyone excluding Jean had met their future self. He eventually did though what he found scared him even more since his future self not only had a greater number of powers, but had no memory of his past. This scared Angel enough that he wanted to run away and leave the rest of the team, though Jean put a stop to that and wiped his mind.

But this didn’t stop him from still thinking they didn’t belong in the past and questioned their every move. Enough so to confront Beast and ask him where this so called genocide is. Beast explained the real reason to why he brought them back and what they needed to do, but I don’t believe he may have been convincing enough. Angel seems like someone who might need to see things for himself and the others haven’t really given him a reason to trust them. Come issue #10, he very well may join up with Cyclops to see who really is right and if everything is as bad as they it is or could be.

Then we get to jean. She was the most willing to stay in the future and is most dedicated to fixing the future. Yet up to now it is unclear of what she may do next knowing how she died, that her motivation is scaring everyone around her, and that she herself doesn’t seem to really know what she’s doing. Jean may join Cyclops team to see if she can do more good helping them or guiding them. Not only this, but her next encounter with present Cyclops may cause her to favor him more than her Cyclops because he is pushing her away and working with Mystique.

Now it could easily be neither of the two mentioned above and be someone from the school that wasn’t on his side before. It’s hard to say, though if so it could be anyone and that’s where the excitement kicks in waiting to see who it could be.


And Stay Tuned!


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