Could This Be The Next Call of Duty?

The next Call of Duty will be called Call of Duty Ghosts and will appear on the next-gen only.

The news comes through a Youtube user called Drift0r who claims the source who gave him the information is “very legitimate” and is “part of the Call of Duty Machine.” According to the Drift0r, he’s privy to gameplay details, the former title of the game and a release date.

The game will be branching away from the Modern Warfare setting the game has featured since 2007 in the hands of Infinity Ward and will instead be set in a near future that will have the characters using familiar older weaponry as a part of the plot. In addition to a new setting, the game will reportedly be featuring new gameplay elements such as rolling whilst prone, sliding after sprinting and peeking around corners.

The Spec Ops mode has also been replaced by something else though the source didn’t elaborate more. In addition, the game will feature destructible environments at least in the single player. A multiplayer version is said to be coming as well.

The source also claims that the loading screens will be dynamic in this new entry. By dynamic, this means the players will have some kind of interaction rather than a cutscene. Instead, it’ll feature rappelling from a helicopter and sneaking into a map.

Call of Duty Ghosts will reportedly only see a release on the next-gen consoles and PC. The reveal for the game is set for a May 1st announcement.

Do take notice that this is pure rumour but there have been rumours circulating that Infinity Ward is hard at work on a next-gen Call of Duty game and since we’ve been getting them every year this generation, it’s fairly likely we’ll see a next-gen Call of Duty.

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