TV Series To Watch – Utopia: A Dark Future

Though it is not my usual recommendation not being centered around anything superhero like, it does involve graphic novels which still means something to me. I was iffy about giving this a shot, but when I did I surely was not disappointed. It was nothing like I expected it to be yet was so much more. The first season is over and it has been nothing short of amazing.

channel 4 utopia

What Is The Appeal?

Utopia is about a group of people who find themselves in possession of a manuscript of a cult graphic novel called “The Utopia Experiments”, which is rumored to have predicted the worst disasters of the last century. Grant, Becky, Ian, and Wilson meet each other through an online comic book forum where they plan to combine what they have of the script to complete it. This leads them to be targeted by a government organization known only as ‘The Network’, which they must avoid to survive. Though while they are being targeted by The Network, they are also being pursued in search of a woman named Jessica Hyde, who’s father created the Utopia manuscripts. So while they are being hunted by The Network, Jessica is also searching for them so that she may obtain what her father created. That’s the story in a nutshell without spoiling too much of it.

(Jessica Hyde)

If you watched this hoping for some heroic tale then you are proven wrong not even halfway into the first episode. There is nothing like that to be expected from this story. It is very intense and the feelings portrayed are real as they really do feel that their lives are in danger for even wanting to obtain the manuscripts. None of them really had any idea as to what they were getting themselves into and the more they found out the more they wanted to turn back, though there is no turning back. Like any story where you have to give up your normal lives to stay safe they do too and they make sure that you know that there is no way for them to go back.

Each character is very different in their demeanor and that is what makes this story so great because they constantly clash and that’s how you sell the story. They are all from different backgrounds, see the world through a different lens, and it is how this realization affects them that creates their direction in the series. Every character has something to lose or has lost something because of the manuscript. It’s a game of survival and the only way for them to make it out alive is to adapt to the game.

Just recently, the series has been scheduled for a second season by Channel 4. They feel very confident that they can pull it off and I’d be very happy to see the lengths in which they can mold the world they have created.

Head of drama at Channel 4, Piers Wenger, had this to say;

“Thanks to the extraordinary creativity of Dennis Kelly, Marc Munden and the team at Kudos, the first series of Utopia shocked and delighted critics and fans by turns. We are thrilled to announce the further adventures for Utopia’s eclectic cast of characters which are already shaping up to be more imaginative, outrageous and brilliantly intriguing than the first.”


And stay tuned!


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