Should Marvel’s God Characters Be Vulnerable To Death? Yes.

Like many would say, comics are in fact a reflection of real life. Those like Ares, Loki, and Thor were created from Norse Mythology and integrated into the Marvel Universe as the gods of that realm. Now the question they asked is “Aside from being very powerful characters, what is it that makes them Gods?” Personally this seems like a self explanatory question which is what I want to answer myself due to what I think is a bad argument against what they are.

What I notice is the focus on the fact that gods can die at all. Gods do die, there is a reason for their existence and for their passing. They make reference to THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, pointing out the fact that these gods are being murdered by Gorr, also known as “The God Butcher.” But if they paid attention to the most recent issue of the series then they would have realized that while Gorr is not a god himself, he is holding the weapon of a god. Gods CAN kill gods, that is a fact and nothing has changed over the years. Using the weapon of a god is the easiest way to kill a god if you aren’t one and that is what Gorr did to every god he came across. Now that’s not to say man can’t kill gods either. Someone like the Sentry and Hyperion have every right to be able to take on a god, this is not “Gods Among Men”, this is gods among men and superhumans alike. Superhumans who have evolved to that point where they can achieve the power that gods were only born with. While gods are in fact gods, superheroes are to humans every much gods as they are.

Gods are not there to represent just immortality and power, that’s a narrow viewpoint to take on them. It’s what they represent that truly sets them apart from every other being in the Universe. As you read through Thor: God of Thunder, you notice that every god is known for something and that is what they mean to the people who worship them. Thor to the people of Earth represents honor and courage. Every time Thor takes the spotlight he is shown to be the one willing to throw his hammer down in any situation no matter who the foe is they face. He gives them the personal courage to go above and beyond, to think of the ones they care to protect rather than their own lives. That is what a hero does. They give hope in the most dismal times.

Ares died fighting to protect the one thing he cared for most, that is honor. He fought for what he thought was a just cause which was bring down Asgard, but he never meant for anyone to be hurt or the whole structure to come crashing down to Earth. That was never his intent and he was deceived by Norman Osborn into letting it happen. The one thing he valued so much was spit on and he was made to look like a fool for it. The Sentry was made to be the counterpart to DC’s Superman, who is very much a god in his own right. So when you take it from that perspective, and with how I said gods can kill gods, does it make sense for you not to understand how Sentry killed either Ares or Loki? Not to mention Loki allowed himself to be killed. He planned that whole death and admitted to it at the end of Journey Into Mystery. There is a difference between letting yourself be killed and being killed, and he did so knowing that he found a way around death.

Gods will always be a big deal, but only to those who see what they are on the inside. If you only see them as omnipotent beings that we worship then you have a misconception of what a god really is. You can ask whoever you want, but you have to ask the right question. Asking whether deaths should be permanent is one thing, but to apply the same rule to a god makes no sense. They don’t live by the same rules as humans and superheroes. They represent self-sacrifice, and every death has a meaning to it if you look hard enough. You can easily see a death and say “Oh they’ll be back”, yet it only seems that way if you don’t get why they died in the first place or how it should affect you. Go ahead and petition for gods to be invincible, and then you have a bunch of Superman stories to complain about, I mean that has to be why Superman is disliked more than most other heroes right?

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