“Vengeance of Batman”, Is Declared Theme For The End Of Batman Inc.

Grant Morrison knew what he was doing when he introduced Damian. The character was an fitting addition to the Bat Family, and his lovable turn from hellion to hero made the character’s death in “Batman Incorporated” #8 so much more effective

As to be expected from the death of Damian Wayne, Batman was always going to get vengeance at Talia. It has never been subtle between the two and she broke the camels back by showing who she really was and what she really cared for in the end. It was all about her family and her war with Wayne Industries that caused her to toss her own son aside to strike a blow to Batman. Whether she cared or not, it made her the villain and a monster in the eyes of many. If you thought that he would just fall apart like we have seen recently, then you forget that he is the goddamn Batman and will bounce back. That is what we will see as he get’s back at Talia.

When asked about the plans for the rest of the story arc, Morrison had this to say;

“Well, the next three issues are basically “Vengeance of Batman.” He’s been pushed too far. He underestimated Talia, and then Talia horribly underestimated him. That’s really what it’s all about. And part of this is that we didn’t want to do Jason Todd again. We didn’t want to leave Batman an emotional cripple. The Batman we’ve presented in this run has been through some pretty bizarre experiences including weird meditation in the Thogal ritual. He’s been dead. He’s been brought back to life. His heart has stopped. He has a different relationship to death than the Batman we knew before. And I think in a superhero universe, it’s just not the same for these guys.

So I wanted to show Batman taking this in a very different way and thinking about death in a very different way. I wanted him doing what Batman does and getting back on the scene and kicking ass. That’s what Batman’s all about ultimately. But how that plays out and his confrontation with Talia will, I hope, be very different from anything we’ve seen. What I’m thinking with Talia is that Batman protects Gotham City and does hit little Batman Incorporated, but he’s actually got to go up against an international, global crime organization here. And I think he’s out of his depth. That’s what makes the next four issues interesting.”

These next four issues are supposed to push Batman to his limits. As one many he can do more than any man or super could ever imagine. But in this scenario, he is out of his league. And we are going to see what he can really do when his back is against the wall because he will need all of Batman Inc. at his side when he makes his final move against this “global crime organization”. Everything we have been seeing about Batman up to now is him losing his way and finding a new one, or as the latest issue of Batman #18 called it, his resolve. That will define the rest of this arc and will be ultimately be the game changer.

As for what we as the readers should be getting out of this overall is pretty obvious unless we overlooked them. But, Morrison has made it pretty clear to us below as to the message he hoped to convey for us below;

“I think those things are just obvious an inherent in these things when you have the al Ghul family against the Wayne family. But for me underneath it all — and I think what people have started to feel — is that in the end this is about real people. It’s about us. It’s not about Bruce, and it’s not about Talia. These people are monsters and superheroes, but in the middle is Damian looking up and saying, “Why can’t you two just get along?” That’s what it’s about. It’s about being a child of divorce and sitting there with these giant ideologies warring across the surface of a planet that should really have starships flying into space. Everybody should be peaceful and there’s no money anymore, but instead it’s “What the fuck are you guys up to?” That’s what it’s about. These kids with hope trapped between these monstrous powers fighting. You can’t talk to them. You can’t reason with them.

I hope that’s what people take from it more than anything because ultimately Batman is the hero and Talia is the villain. And just like in the real world, you can assign hero and villain roles easily. Sure, Batman is the hero and he’s got to win. And yeah, he represents a form of capitalism – a good form that really works in the DC Universe. He’s a good guy, and Talia’s a villain. So there are several obvious correlation’s there, but I don’t think people should take that as what this story is about, because it’s not. Does that make sense? I mean, I don’t want to walk away from your question.”

Batman Incorporated #9 follows on March 27 from DC Comics.



And stay tuned!


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