Was Joakim Mogren Created Using The FOX Engine?

An interesting post on the NeoGAF forums has suggested that yesterdays appearance of Joakim Mogren, the alleged founder of Moby Dick Studios and their game The Phantom Pain may have been a hoax of sorts with Mogren actually being an animated character using the new FOX engine from Kojima Productions.


Originally posted from /V/, NeoGAF user Mushroomer25 put up a theory suggesting that Mogren was actually animated through the FOX engine.

“So, /v/ posted a theory. 

Joakim is 100% CGI in that interview. This is an elaborate tech demo for the Fox Engine.
– It explains why the two are never in the same frame together
– It explains the bandages
– It explains why the game being on the Fox Engine was the big reveal.

If you look at his cheek during the interview, the shading seems suspicious. And the closer you look at it, I have a hard time believing he is actually there.”

It’s an interesting theory to say the least however a few problems do get in the way of the argument. If this some by miracle is made using CG, then the FOX engine seems to be capable of fooling the human eye to a great degree. Another argument to go against this theory is that two may have not been on screen with each other due to the interview being pre-recorded. This is more plausible than a CG Mogren.

The argument of the bangages being used to cover up the face is an interesting point but if for arguments sake Mogren was indeed CG here, it would make more sense to cover up the most telltale features of the human face; the eyes and the mouth, both of which are in clear view of camera despite having his face largely obscured. Of course, another plausible theory is that the bandages are merely designed to be a reference to the character in the Phantom Pain trailer who wears bandages over his face.

The image below is from Mushroomer25’s post and is reportedly a rendering from the FOX engine itself.


In the recent interview by Geoff Keighly, the supposed founder of Moby Dick gave little information about The Phantom Pain away and even recoiling in alarm when Keighly pointed out the FOX engine logo on a piece of concept art Mogren was showing him. Declining to comment on whether the game is actually Metal Gear Solid 5 or if it’s a PlayStation 4 game, Mogren did confirm that we’ll have all of our questions answered at GDC at the end of the month along with a new Phantom Pain trailer.

The interview itself did little to cover up the humorous tone to some extent but it did indicate that we’ll see something related to The Phantom Pain at GDC. Now the Facebook page for Mogren has done much to confuse people and has led to more questions that answered since it was first discovered by Analog Addiction last December. However, hoax or not, it would be quite a strange move to announce a big reveal at an event at GDC and not show anything so it looks like we’re set to see more details on The Phantom Pain as well as the FOX engine.

As for whether Mogren was made up of CG or not, we’ll probably find out when we see more of the FOX engine.

Source: NeoGAF.

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