Is Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix A Vita Game?

A leak on the Spanish gaming retailer seems to suggest that last Friday’s leaked image for Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix may actually be a Vita game.

The leak comes in the form of a listing for Rising Phoenix displayed as a game for the PS Vita at a price of 46.95 Euros and a release date of October 10th 2o13 which is three weeks before the release of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. The listing and any mention of Rising Phoenix was promptly removed. The interesting bit to take a note of here is the date. We’ve seen games revealed through leaks like this and very few to none of them use placeholder dates as precise as “10/10/13”. Ubisoft also reveal the dates for Assassin’s Creed titles with announcements so it’s plausible to suggest that this is actually the real date of release.

Rising phoenix 3

In addition to this leaked listing, another image of apparent concept art with the title Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix has appeared. This one shows two hooded characters in white jackets with the Abstergo, the Templar run corporation emblazoned on the back. The Ubisoft logo is located on the bottom right of the image with the words “Ubisoft Digital Arts: Internal Use Only. Do not duplicate or distribute.” are once again present on the bottom left hand corner.

Rising Phoenix 2

When asked what the image was related to, Ubisoft simply replied with “No comment.”

It’s possible that Rising Phoenix could indeed be a Vita game as we already have Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation on the Vita which sold excellently considering the install base on the system. However, one could argue that Ubisoft had no idea whether Liberation would be the success it was thus having two Assassin’s Creed Vita games in development at the same time could be a failed effort if the game had sold poorly. Of course, it could also be argued that Ubisoft simply had faith in the Vita and chose to back it with two titles. This is, of course, if this is a game at all let alone a game for the Vita.

So what is Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix? Is it a Vita game? Is it an animation project like Assassin’s Creed Embers? Perhaps it’s a prequel to Black Flag in some way. Stay tuned to Analog Addiction for any more updates!

Source: Eurogamer.

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  1. I thought it was something similar to Embers when I first heard it, but I am actually excited for another AC Vita game. Still need to play the first, but keep getting tempted to purchase it and play the hell out of it.


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