Comparing Death Of The Family To Batman Inc. #8

Some may not see eye to eye on this viewpoint or opinion, but it’s something that has been begged to question for a while now. Death Of The Family(Let’s just call it DoTF) has been called nothing short of perfect. I can understand how some can feel that way and respect that, but it seemed to come off as more of a moment rather than something that would have a more lasting effect on not only Batman but the rest of the “family”.

Sure in DoTF we found out not only what made Joker tick, and we also got to see the destruction of the Bat Family because of the lack of trust between them and Batman. But in the time frame that this all occurs, it all seems like a moment. I mean I liked the story and I liked the ending, though lets not get ahead of ourselves to say it’s the best story ever or that it holds more meaning over the events that lead to Batman Inc. #8.

If I may go back to points I made about Batman Inc. No matter how upset people get with what has transpired, the meaning of Damian’s death is not something to be ignored. Just as the death of Peter Parker, there is something to be taken from this event. Robin should have never been a hero, and he certainly should have never been that involved in this affair between his parents to endanger his life. No matter what, this was shock value at it’s finest, but in no way does that sully the moment created by it. Parents lose sight of their kids when they fight, plain and simple. That is what Morrison tried to portray and he certainly did. From the last post I did on whether it was the right move or not, the biggest question was why he was even a superhero in the first place when he was so young.

In DoTF Batman lost any trust the Bat Family had in him because he lied to them that Joker knew nothing about their personal lives, yet Joker attacked them at every turn with and without their masks, harming those closest to them. Very exciting, but everyone else is alive and well, but can you say the same for Damian in the story taking place in Batman Inc.? A 10-year old kid that shouldn’t be running around in a cape or caught in the crossfire of his parents fights.

By the end of DoTF all he really lost was trust. Right now what Batman just lost was his world, Damian. It was an emotional story that served it’s purpose to show Batman what happens when he looses sight of whats really important to him, and he realized that it was Damian. Damian was his world and he lost it because he couldn’t end his fight with Talia. This will have a longer lasting effect on not only Batman but the Bat Family because where they lost trust, they now actually lost one of their own and it comes back around to Batman.


And stay tuned!


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