New Details on ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’

German website has revealed more details concerning Geralt of Rivia’s upcoming adventure, including the game’s length, and what does ‘Wild Hunt’ borrow from Fallout 3.

According to the website, ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ will include 36 final states of the world, with 3 different epilogues, each being 1 hour long. Players will be able to import their save games from previous titles, but it will not affect the backstory of the game, only its characters. The main storyline alone is 50 hours long.

Seeing as horses will play a big part in this entry, players will be able to buy them, or tame, using the Axii sign (like in ‘Red Dead Redemption’, only now with magic). Geralt is now more agile, being able to jump and climb anything he wants. Wild animals will also be present, and Geralt can hunt them down for skins, furs, claws etc.

Unlike previous entries, people will call the guards if the player is caught stealing their stuff. A new mechanic is added, similar to VATS from Fallout 3, meaning players can aim at specific parts of monsters’ bodies in slow-motion. Geralt can achieve 60 levels max. He gains experience only by completing quests (hunting monsters will only net players money and crafting materials).

Quick-Time-Events are gone. The PC and console versions feature completely different UIs. Two new mini-games have been added: axe trowing and card games. Furthermore, economy depends on the area, meaning in some places you can buy something for a lesser price, or sell it for a higher one.

There is also a reference to the factions which will be present. Players will be able to choose from different parties, like The Order of the Flaming Rose, or the Scoia’tael. A sorcerer is always independent.

[Source: darkzero]

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