Breakdown Of Agent Venom

Up to now we have gotten many variations of the psychopathic Venom, and each with a different host. But the Venom we are treated to right now is Agent Venom. The host being Flash Thompson means that this Venom is a hero and one that centers around using such a monster for good. This is something new and as we all know new doesn’t sit well with many readers.

Agent Venom

Up to now I’d say that this new side of Venom has been successful. Selling that Venom could be used as a tool for good was a bit hard to accept at first glance, but they managed to pull through up to recent issues. As Flash he is a washed up man who is trying to pick up the pieces of a troubled life he wants to leave in the past. Between his abusive father, shame as a bully, losing his legs in the war, and losing the one girl he loved the most. The Venom we all know and fear is now but a vegetable. The government killed the switch on his brain in order to use him as a weapon. And the host was someone they chose of conviction and who was a model soldier, who just so happened to be Flash. At first he had to prove himself to them as most other hosts failed, died or were decommissioned. But he did what the others couldn’t to control Venom and become the hero he always wanted to be.

Now that’s not saying he is a full fledged hero yet because this has been about him fighting to be a better person and fighting to prevent becoming “Venom”.

This Venom is something special because unlike other hosts, Flash doesn’t rely on brute force, intimidation, or fear to overcome his enemies. With Spider-Man being his icon, he takes to wanting to be a superhero, to become more than his past which was less than respectable besides his time in the Army. Agent Venom utilizes many weapons and firearms which is something not to be expected yet appealing nonetheless because of how he uses them. His combatant skills are those of someone who is skilled in military training while also mimicking the agility of Spider-Man. In the end he is another example of one that Spider-Man has touched with his morals and values which is portrayed on every page.

Now of course some may not want to give Agent Venom a chance, and it’s understandable. We all know and will always know venom as the psychopath and murderer that even Captain America calls the most dangerous entity on the planet. Merciless is the word that comes to human life is what we all think of when Venom comes to mind, but that’s not what we get with how Agent Venom goes about getting the job done. He fights to keep what is Venom at his core from doing what he does best and while it’s something of interest to some of us that are alright with this change, the rest may just want him to cut loose like Wolverine which again is understandable.

It’s all about preference, but I do believe they have done something great with such a memorable villain. It’s like trying to make the argument that Spider-Man isn’t the same because Doc Oc is in his mind. Just doesn’t work unless you just hate change.

Jideobi is the Comic Editor at Analog Addiction where he writes all things comics and comic related(especially if X-Men). Also follow him on Twitter @Siphen0.


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