‘Sleeping Dogs: Wheels of Fury’ Add-On Available Now


Prepare to tear up the streets of Hong Kong in the next explosive, mission-based add-on pack for ‘Sleeping Dogs’. Unleash the firepower of the game’s first weaponized vehicle: an upgradeable supercar with roof-mounted machine guns, four-wheel steering and an EMP pulse weapon.

Drug smuggling is big business for Hong Kong’s triad gangs and Wei Shen’s long-time friend Dr Tang has created the ultimate vehicle to turn the tide of the turf wars: a fully weaponized supercar. Uprated and upgradeable, the DZS-90 will give Wei Shen enough armor and firepower to take control of business and seize the streets back from the rival 18K gang.

With new upgrades and add-ons available after each assignment, including twin concealed roof-mounted machine guns, four-wheel steering, an electronic magnetic pulse, the DZS-90 builds into ‘Sleeping Dogs’’ ultimate vehicle for those with an appetite for destruction.


Featuring five new action-packed story missions, rain firepowered justice down on the drug-dealing denizens of Hong Kong island in ‘Wheels of Fury’, available now for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC (320 MSP / $3.99).

Vlad Pintea is a senior editor of news and features here at Analog Addiction, and sometimes he even reviews games. You can contact him via e-mail at or, My IGN, on Skype, Steam (all at the same name: vlad94pintea) or Facebook (Vlad Pintea). Have a good day, and remember: stay calm and keep on gaming!


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