Batman Inc. #8 Aftermath

Going back to my previous post, It was confirmed that this week were to be subjected to the shocking demise of the Dark Knight’s sidekick, Robin. Which is in issue #8 of the offshoot title “Batman Incorporated,” but it is the aftermath of his death that will have the biggest effect on the DC Universe. That is what happened today and it was not what I expected at all.

What Is This Aftermath?

Yes he did die, and a hero he did die as, but the way he was put to death leaves you speechless. This Robin is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia. Morrison attempted to illustrate how parents lose sight of their kids when they fight. How he does so is by having Damian killed fighting a hulking assassin who happens to be, in true comic-book form, a “brother” cloned from his genetic material. Personally I was not very attached to Robin up to now, but this made me feel for him not only as a hero, but as a child caught between a fight with his parents. I expect there to be anger, but that happens regardless and for those who see past that anger there’s more to this than what’s on the surface.

A kid that sees that the fight between his parents will lead to nothing but loss on both sides and throws himself into the fray to prevent it. Putting his life on the line to keep Batman from doing something he’d regret and to keep Talia from doing the same. To stand up to the behemoth that is the Leviathan, his brother, rival, and twin. He fought knowing that he’d have to do the one thing that he promised his father he would never do again, kill. But at the same time he hoped for it to have never come to this because Damian thought he could get through to his mom. By putting himself in danger that he could make her see what her anger was causing her to do. Begged and pleaded for her to call off her monster yet she stood there and let this happen to her own son. To watch as he fought tooth and nail with someone who he clearly had no chance to beating while also taking arrows and bullets to the back from the waves of enemies surrounding him was the hardest to watch.

He did this knowing he stood no chance and that is what’s most respectable. Say what you want about not liking him, but you can never say that he he doesn’t act without the best of intentions.

Was This The Right Move?

Yes in fact it was. No matter how upset people get with what has transpired, the meaning of his death is not something to be ignored. Just as the death of Peter Parker, there is something to be taken from this event. Robin should have never been a hero, and he certainly should have never been that involved in this affair between his parents to endanger his life. No matter what, this was shock value at it’s finest, but nonetheless does that sully the moment created by it. Parents lose sight of their kids when they fight, plain and simple. That is what Morrison tried to portray and he certainly did. From the last post I did on whether it was the right move or not, the biggest question was why he was even a superhero in the first place when he was so young.

That was the question that needed to be asked and what happened to Damian is the fallout from the lack of responsibility to care for his welfare. This was an emotional story that served it’s purpose to show Batman what happens when he looses sight of whats really important to him, and today we find out that it was Damian. Damian was his world and he lost it because he couldn’t end his fight with Talia.

It’s always sad to see parents fight over their kid, but find a situation where one is willing to throw their kid away to hurt the other and that’s something that hits you hard. This was hard to swallow and it definitely will not be forgotten. While Damian had a short run, this here will have everlasting effects and that is something a good writer strives for.

This was a good issue and it’s shocking for me to say, but don’t let marketing tactics blind you from the obvious.


And stay tuned!


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