Is Marvel Mocking DC’s New 52?

This was actually quite shocking to see, though not so much something I wouldn’t expect. Not too long ago when DC had their 50 state bird variants, Marvel decided to make their own single cover with Deadpool being surrounded by 50 birds pooping on him. Just from this alone you can tell Marvel is making fun of DC, though majority passed it off as playful competition between the two. I mean in the end it only fuels that competition which drives them to do better than the other.

What more could asking us readers to count down to 52 mean? Is it not 52 series that make up this recent DC initiative? What is Marvel’s end game with all these pokes at DC that seem to make fun of what they do at every turn. Could be business, or just to promote competition, who knows but it’s something to watch closely.From what is seen below, you can only imagine that Marvel has been or might have been trying to copy DC’s New 52 initiative by giving each of the characters named below a series with their Marvel NOW! initiative. There is no clear answer but whether you like all these teasers or not, they are leading up to something big by the looks of it and it is something not to be overlooked.

Whether this is all leading to an event, or just a joke is yet to be confirmed. But if one thing is true, this will not go unnoticed and unanswered because 3 jabs at DC this big is asking for trouble. Personally I like it, I find it funny, and with how well Marvel NOW! is running, DC needs to go that extra mile to keep up or do better. It’s all about business in the end and when Marvel is slowly creeping up not only in comics, but movies, TV, and games, that is a call to arms to keep the competition from expanding beyond their grasp. I said before that Marvel is very good at marketing their heroes and this is just another way in which they are doing so and putting DC down at the same time.


And stay tuned!


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  1. Talking about Marvel NOW!, are you reading Young Avengers? It’s pure awesomeness! It’s the best series I’m reading right now, along with Animal Man and Vibe.


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