PS4, Enticing Enough For A Year One Buy?

We all already know about the PS4 announcements, heck we practically were at the conference. From the new DualShock 4, to the “Share” feature, to the specs, to the “Eye”, to the no backwards compatibility, to the everything else! The Playstation 4 has intrigued many gamers even with how little we know; heck we don’t even know what the console looks like!

But, as we all are coming around to the next generation of gaming let’s not forget Nintendo already has their foot out the door with their system out and running, the Wii U. It is practically a fact that many people do not own a Wii U (evidenced by the 55,000 sales over the past month) but does this mean anything right now? No, is the answer, in case you were wondering, to the previous question. The Wii U, while out for about three months now, has massive potential as do all the other new consoles, but you know what makes the Wii U different? Games…well for now.

See, the PS4 was announced with games such as Watch Dogs (multiplatform), Destiny (multiplatform),Diablo 3 (multiplatform), the new IP PS4 exclusive Knack, a new InFamous and Killzone: Shadow Fall, along with a few other games and announcements (like Square-Enix and Final Fantasy, etc.). But at the same time, looking at this lineup isn’t going to make me spend the rumored $529 (or the other unit $429) to get a PS4, especially when a few of these games are multiplatform. In addition, we actually have no idea when these games will be coming out/announcements about their release dates and/or if the games are actually good, in the eyes of reviewers (if that affects your decision making).

A big thing for me is also familiarity of games. To clarify, it means that I know the game/series that is coming out and the next game of that series. While it may be early to speculate or even tease the thought of an Uncharted 4, seeing that at the Sony PS4 Conference would have sold me on the system faster than that of new IP’s or games we already knew about. Nintendo likes to tease games a lot, take the Legend of Zelda Demo (both the Wind Waker one and the Wii U one); that alone was enough for people to start saving money for the Wii U.

For me exclusives have and will always matter. It’s a system seller in my eyes and it’s a reason why people declare loyalties towards companies. But this is irrelevant to the next generation of gaming because all systems will have their exclusives. The point is not on how they “promote” their exclusives (like how Sony does not) but in a way to tease their exclusives. This past Nintendo Direct, the internet was jumping for joy, because of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, a new Monoloith Soft Project, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensen, a Yoshi Epic Yarn and more. Nintendo has effectively built hype past the Big 3 for E3 (the Big 3 is that of Smash Bros Wii U, Mario Kart U, and Super Mario World U[all working titles that we’ve known about since the start of Wii U]).

In addition looking at Nintendo’s Wii U’s short-term future, there are games like the Wonderful 101 coming out exclusively for the Wii U, along with demos of the new Super Smash Bros, New Mario Kart “U”, and a new Super Mario World U coming out at E3, we have a little more to be excited for.

Look, before you get the wrong idea I am not saying the Wii U is better or PS4 is better, etc. In my personal opinion, to each their own. The Wii U will have its audience and the PS4 will have its own; but we’re talking about gaming and the best buy for the holidays of 2013. I wouldn’t necessarily give the PS4 the “3DS effect” that there are no good games coming out, when it releases, as we still need more information and there is plenty of time. But looking at the Wii U vs PS4 at a consumerism-economic outlook, something with more games and “now” use value seems like the better buy. The GamePad is a very unique device and when used properly is seriously next generation. The Miiverse is a new type of online communication and let’s not forget the Wii U will be getting a few other exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and a special Rayman Legends level pack for free.

So come this holiday, what will I be looking to buy? A Wii U, not because I love Nintendo’s first-party games (I mean who doesn’t) but because there is a wider variety of options open for my Wii U. In addition, I don’t believe my PS3 has become obsolete yet; in fact look at the PS2, it had about 3 more years after Sony’s PS3 launch before effectively being “shut down”. Another plus is that of my Wii games being backwards compatible on my Wii U compared to the PS4 not having this feature in both PSN and PS3 senses. Pandora’s Tower is being released for the Wii this March and there are plenty of games that new to the Wii game owners may have missed, so there library expands once again.

Sora says PS2 is still relevant to Nobodies

If you don’t want to buy a Wii U this holiday that is fine too, because the other product that has caught my interest more than the PS4 is that of the PS Vita. The Vita, while no price-cut is going to be coming to America according to sources, seems like an integral part for the PS4 and if they do not come bundled together (my personal prediction for the rumored $529 package) then new PS4 owners may want to nab their hands on that because it seems Sony is hell-bent on making the Vita relevant.

Personally looking at the Wii U versus PS4, I believe Sony has effectively stolen what Nintendo wanted to get, getting the “hardcore” (jeez I hate that word) gamers of the next generation. Nintendo’s plan all along was to get back to that audience, which is turn why they are effectively using DLC and online-integration a lot more, but name-basis is ruining them right now and many of the Xbox-shippers are jumping to Sony upon the announcement, not even giving the Wii U a chance. I think continuing to use the Wii-brand name may have hurt them…..but. In addition, I think Sony’s new ‘social’ aiming channel with streaming is a great idea that Nintendo could have done first, especially with that of the GamePad. While we do not know how this will churn nor do we know exactly how it is used, the possibilities just make the idea seem fantastic and is a big reason why everyone is ready to declare Sony the new “king” even though there isn’t a war.


Michael Troina writes features and reviews Nintendo games for Analog Addiciton. When he’s not writing or playing games or sports, he’s out at his job at the Daily Bugle taking pictures as the web-slinger we all have come to love…either that or he’s getting sandwich saving one world at a time. Find him anywhere with this flavors.me/michaeltroina


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  1. Yeah almost defiantly, Sony has come out and said the point of their system is for the hardcore gamer. While Microsoft continues to push Kinect and the Xbox as an entertainment hub.


    • It’s funny too because I know many people who’s Xbox 360 have now become an entertainment hub and we know that is supposed to be used for gaming. While the Xbox will still sell, *see Halo and Gears, I think Sony will be taking many of their consumers


  2. After talking with many of my “Hardcore PlayStation Gamer” friends and post seeing the PlayStation 4 announcement, we have come up with a list of concerns we have. It would be greatly appreciated it you could pass this list on to the proper channels.

    1. Removal of the Start and Select buttons – While we all agree that the new controller is stunning and beautifully designed, one of the smaller problems we had with it was the lack of start and select. “Options” is not sufficient in attempting to play any old game on the console. Playing older games threw Gaikai or otherwise might prove to be impossible without these buttons. Strongly recommend you change “options” back to Start and Select.

    2. Backward Compatibility – We cannot fathom why this was not important to Sony, as it was a major issue with the PS3 launch. (Most of us have kept the original PlayStation 3 for that reason) If you cannot include the hardware to run PS1, PS2, and PS3 games please allow the PS4 to obtain the software emulate them. With 8 GB of memory, this should not be a problem. Gaikai is nice, but with large collections of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games, we would like to use them on the new system.

    Or if nothing else, release a high end SKU of the PS4 with backwards compatibility, we are sure many of your loyal fans would appreciate (and purchase) this.

    2.5 Along with the “backwards compatibility” section, we believe it would be a smart move for Sony to allow the Dualshock 3 controllers to connect with the PS4 as well. This would be great for anyone converting from a PlayStation 3 to a PlayStation 4 and does not have the money to purchase extras as well as a sign of good faith from the PlayStation brand.

    3. Social Features – While posting your trophies or connecting to Facebook and various other social mediums through PlayStation are good ideas, please make all of these optional. Many of the core gamers have no interest in these features and many, myself included do not use social networking at all. Therefore if it were mandatory we could not play games.

    4. New Friends Methodology – While we found the idea of expanding upon the friends page interesting, we appreciated the privacy that PS3 provided. DO NOT FORCE users to create accounts with their picture and name. Once again, we stress, please make this optional.

    5. New Operating System – The XMB was perfect. Logically laid out with every application categorized into a sub category. Because of this, it was both intuitive and easy to use. While we only received a quick glimpse, the new operating system, seems to make far less sense. Please allow customization so the more logically minded among us can use the new system with ease as well. Perhaps an optional interface, closer to the PSVITA’s?

    6. Camera – While this new Camera could be used for some interesting moments and ideas in gaming. DO NOT make it mandatory. Many of us do not nor have we ever liked motion or camera based games. Please DO NOT require a camera to use the new controllers.

    7. Intuitive Downloads – Many of us, like to select games with no pattern or complete randomness, and in doing so do not like games to be downloaded for us. This idea is a good one, but once again it should be optional.

    8. Ideas – With 8 Gigs of memory the PlayStation 4 is the perfect time for cross game voice chat, PSN ID tagged controllers, and a system that allows users to play music at all time along with the game they are playing. Doing this would help PlayStation, to also become a hub for entertainment.

    P.S. it would be really cool if the “PS” button on the center of the Dualshock 4 light up red. This would make it more iconic.

    In conclusion, we have come to the consensus that while we enjoy many of the new PlayStation features we hope that you will consider adding some more and that you leave some optional. Aside from that you should know: keep up the great work! The specs are spectacular, we couldn’t have asked for a better controller (almost) and the game line up looks awesome.
    Also, this time around we would like to change or PSN names, have no limit on region locked, and do not prevent any sort of backwards compatibility publisher wise or otherwise


    • Excellent list I gotta agree with most of the stuff on here. Here’s my answer to your list though:
      1. While the Options and Share buttosn replace start and select buttons, that does not mean the features are gone. In my last article, I covered what Sony said about those buttons the Options will have a start and select feature included in.
      read here: http://analogaddiction.org/2013/02/22/more-details-on-the-new-playstation-eye-and-the-dualshock-4/
      2. Backwards Compatibility: While for now the BC was confirmed to NOT be available for the PS4 (PSN and PS3) that doesn’t mean we still cannot buy PS3 games on PSN and have them. In addition the 8GB RAM should be able to have a PS3 emulator in it. We still will have the PS2, PSX, and PSN games able to play, and like you said you can still keep your PS3.
      Maybe the higher priced PS4 rumor can be the one that plays Backwards.
      2.5 That could be possible through USB although I am not sure. The PS4 seems heavily vested in their screen, although looking at the Wii U, you can play without the “screen” controller
      3. I say this is more for the iOS casual audience these features and they are definitely optional. Look PS3 has the Facebook trophy integration but that is optional. Remember not everyone has these social options and you can make your account private, I wouldn’t worry too much on that front.
      4. Same with 3 although PS4 is trying to make a sense of online community, like Live has.
      5. I can see Vita’s LiveArea being a possible change for the XMB, which had its complaints but for reasons I do not know. The XMB is very simple to use, but remember things we never have tried seem more complicated than they really are. Look at Xbox and Live , they went through about 3 different dash boards.
      6. I wouldn’t worry there…but for Xbox I would lol
      7.No games won’t be downloaded for you, the feature is to allow you to have games similar to your download tastes AND you can play the games as you download them rather than waiting!
      8. I still think PS is hub for entertainment with the best bluray player on the market plus free internet (for Netflix etc). That could work and the new profiles look to meet more of that community aspect you are looking for, so we will see there.
      Let’s hope Sony listens to you man you have some great ideas!


  3. Well the PS4 is easily the console I am most excited for because, Nintendo has been pretty casual last gen and according to most sources (check out Johnathan Blows interview on why Witness is a PS4 exclusive) the PS4 is will be much more game focused where as Durango will be all about the Kinect, casual gaming and the Xbox as a media hub. So I’d say from a core gamers perspective Sony has never been in a better position.


    • True the Wii was casual and like you say Durango/720 kis aiming to be multi-media/casual as well, so Sony definitely has an advantage for the new market. Let’s not forget we gotta see what 3rd/2nd parties are going to be doing for the new PS4 and Sony still has a tone of first-party games, like Uncharted, which are definitely under the works.
      I’ll def check out the Interview thanks man!


  4. This was Sony’s best press conference in years. They focused on what the core gamers are looking for games! The new controller looks beautiful and added everything gamers wanted; headphone jack, improved grip, sticks, d-pad, and triggers. (Aside from the share and options buttons [seriously bring back start and select])
    In fact the only thing that most people I’ve talked to were disappointed in, was in regard’s to 3 games:
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    The Last Guardian

    At this point PS4 is pretty much a must buy


    • I have to agree on that it definitely is the best conference Sony has had in a long time in addition not only for gamers but developers as well! The only problem I have with the new controller is the sticks, but you don’t know till you try cause I have always loved the Dualshock; it being my favorite controller.
      I heard the Start and Select is in the Options button (you can check that on my Dualshock 4 and Eye specs article)
      And man if FFVXIII (or if they change it to FF15 like the rumors say) I got a spot next to my PS3 for day 1.
      I still think the Ps4 is a must-buy; but imagine if those were day 1 releases!


  5. “” I believe Sony has effectively stolen what Nintendo wanted to get, getting the “hardcore” (jeez I hate that word) gamers of the next generation. ”

    I dont think so at all. All systems are slow starters. He brings up the 3ds, but his last paragraph, its like he forgot all about it. The vita was suppose to steal the hardcore from 3ds, that never happened


    • Their is no hardcore audience in that of the mobile world. The 3DS has a better abundance and quality of games than that of the Vita and it will continue to lose to the 3DS. Mobile audiences are meant to come back versus that of the shit that is known as iOS


  6. ” I believe Sony has effectively stolen what Nintendo wanted to get, getting the “hardcore” (jeez I hate that word) gamers of the next generation. ”

    I dont think so at all


  7. That is ridiculous, going into holiday 2013, nintendo is in a much better position than the ps4.

    The ps4, we know the price will be more, and we have no idea what the launch titles are

    its going up against 3d mario, mario kart, a retro game, a zelda.


    • That’s what I said if you read the article. I say Nintendo has the advantage in games and it will continue to do so. That is why I am not inclined to buy a PS4 in the first year when the Wii U lineup is 50x stronger


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