Day: February 23, 2013

Watch_Dogs Box Art Released

PlayStation 4 has been on the forefront of every gamers minds over the past week, for good or for bad Sony definitely left an impression. One game that did leave an impression amongst gamers from the unveiling, was the Ubisoft published/developed Watch_Dogs. Ubisoft has now released the official […]

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New Details on inFAMOUS: Second Son

During Sony’s big conference last week, (besides the new PlayStation) there were quite a few surprises on the games’ front. A new (much more colorful this time around) entry in the Killzone franchise, entitled Killzone: Shadow Fall was revealed, Capcom unveiled their latest project, Deep Down, and Ubisoft […]

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PS4, Enticing Enough For A Year One Buy?

We all already know about the PS4 announcements, heck we practically were at the conference. From the new DualShock 4, to the “Share” feature, to the specs, to the “Eye”, to the no backwards compatibility, to the everything else! The Playstation 4 has intrigued many gamers even with how little […]

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