Day: February 18, 2013

The Vita Gets A Price Drop. In Japan.

During a PlayStation Vita specified livestream from Japan yesterday, SCEJ President Hiroshi Kawano revealed that Sony’s new handheld is indeed getting a price drop. The official price drop will see the Vita go to 19,980 Yen which equates to approximately ¬£140 or $215. Of course there are no […]

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Bungie Debuts Destiny

Bungie has at long last debuted their next project, Destiny. The debut comes in the form of a trailer documentary called a ViDoc under the name of Pathways out of Darkness. The events of Destiny take place after the Earth has been destroyed along with the majority of […]

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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Review

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, the series seventh entry and in addition the game that celebrates Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary. That’s right the one thing we never knew would go together, has won our hearts over the last year, Disney + Final Fantasy. In this game we finally […]

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