TimeGate May Have Made More Of Colonial Marines

Following yesterdays rumour that Gearbox had made considerably less of Aliens: Colonial Marines than they had originally admitted, word has emerged that TimeGate Studios had a bigger hand in the games development.

When asked about whether Section 8: Prejudice developer TimeGate had made more of the game than the official word had said they did, senior Sega America producer Matthew J. Powers said “Absolutely not. The game has been developed by Gearbox Software.” but he added that TimeGate amongst two other developers, Demiurge Studios and Nerve Software had “helped Gearbox on the production of single player and multiplayer”.

However, TimeGate had “helped” quite a bit. On Monday, Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford told IGN that the Section 8 developer had contributed about 20-25 % of the games development. That being the games overall development. This is interesting because Gearbox had previously said that they themselves had made 80% of the game as a total with the three contributors fitting into that remaining 20%. Demiurge was responsible for early networking and multiplayer development as well as the upcoming Wii U port due for March. Nerve’s contributions according to Pitchford was that they helped with some of the maps for multiplayer.

According to a post on the TimeGate forums, the forum moderator had done some digging into the levels of TimeGates contributions and said that ” [I] Messaged a few people in TG and found out that TG basically had a hand in everything.” said the moderator. “They are responsible for the weapons, the characters, some of the story, a fair amount of the aliens, and I don’t mean conceptualization, they did the actual work of making said weapons and so on.”

According to the same post on the forum, the game was changed around a fair amount since TimeGate had lent its hand to the development of Colonial Marines. “The game underwent a lot of changes so TG doesn’t actually know how much of their content is left. Some had the estimate that 50% of what you see in the campaign is their work.”

What this forum post is suggesting is that Gearbox had gotten TimeGate to develop a hefty amount of the game before iterating on it and changing it to a degree where they are calling it their game by technicality. This would certainly back up yesterdays rumour that they hadn’t done as much development as they originally said and it most definitely raise more than a few eyebrows.

The reviews for Aliens: Colonial Marines so far have been quite negative indeed with various publications scoring the game under 5/10 in most cases. It’s unlikely that this is to be the last we hear on the matter.

Stay tuned to Analog Addiction for any further developments.

Source: Eurogamer.

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