Xbox 720 Will Have Mandatory Kinect Functions, New Storage And More

According to a report from Kotaku, Microsofts upcoming next-generation console will not only have a new and better Kinect device, but it will also need one to function.

This report in question once again comes from SuperDae, the source of the PlayStation 4 developer kit specifications and the Xbox 720 dev-kit being up for sale on Ebay. When the console is released and shipped, each unit will have a Kinect as part of the package as the console will require the sensor to function at all times. This new Kinect functions purpose is to detect and identify users and accept voice commands.

With this new Xbox console, players will be allowed to install games onto the system directly from discs even at the same time as when you are playing them thus greatly limiting load times. The next-gen console from Microsoft will also be shipping with 500GB of storage and that will be the only model available. The storage size according to the report is more than enough for the owners use. The 500GB will also be primarily be dedicated to gaming aspect of the console.

The new hardware will also be supporting multitasking that will allow players to pause a game and then use another of the consoles functions sort of how the PlayStation Vita allows players to suspend a game in action and then browse the PlayStation Store as an example. However, the difference will be that players will be able to pause one game and start another without having to close the former.


The controller for the Durango is said to be a “natural development” of the current Xbox. If this is true, then the chance of the controller being vastly different to what we have now seems unlikely. SuperDae also noted that the current controllers won’t work with the 720 as Microsoft will be using a “new wireless technology.

It isn’t yet known when Microsoft plan to unveil their next console but main rival Sony are expected to debut their PlayStation 4 next week.

Source: Kotaku.

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  1. I do have to say, good on Microsoft for making features mandatory now. I remember a time when HDD’s weren’t mandatory for Xbox 360’s and made for issues games that needed to run much of it’s resources from the HDD. Though like Anthony, I do agree that having Kinect as a mandatory function seems odd. Perhaps they’re making social networking through video chats, livestreaming, and video podcasting viable options through Xbox Live’s airwaves.


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