Sonic Adventure 3!?

That’s right you heard me….or read the title


While this is literally only a poster of something that came out in addition to a rumor that was out from GoNintendo it still is hope. Sonic Adventure came out first during the Dreamcast era in 1998 followed by its sequel Sonic Adventure 2 in 2001. Both games critically acclaimed, are the high of points of Sonic’s 3D life-span, and using the name Adventure 3 will only raise the bar. From the GoNintendo link “Now we’re hearing that the game is being called Sonic Adventure 3 by SEGA. That name apparently might not stick, but that’s what SEGA is using internally.”

To add to this Sonic Adventure 3 rumor is that the game will apparently bring back many familiar Sonic-characters, that can be played again, and the levels for Sonic will be influenced by Sonic Colors and Generations. Fans of the classic Sonic (such as myself) will be glad to know that it is also rumored that “multiple stage routes from the Genesis days would return, but this time around they’ll lead to different exits and levels; encouraging replay for the players.”

Thank this source for the second bit of info

One last thing, not pertaining to Sonic Adventure 3, is that SEGA is going to hold a panel for the History and Future of Sonic hosted by SEGA brand manager Aaron Webber. AOD 2013 will be held February 16th-17th 2013 at Hotel Kabuki, Japantown, San Francisco, CA, with the panel scheduled for Saturday February 16th at 3pm PST in the Live Events 1 room.

If you live in San Francisco I advise you to go…at least for me!

To find out more about the showing click here

So are you excited? What expectations do you have for this Sonic game? Hoping for any new characters, same old characters, a continuation of the Adventures & Heroes story? For myself, I think Sonic has been going in the right direction since Colors and with the new systems all being announced, this is a perfect time for Sonic to step up to the plate and take us consumers by surprise. Let’s hope for the best!


Michael Troina writes features and reviews Nintendo games for Analog Addiciton. When he’s not writing or playing games or sports, he’s out at his job at the Daily Bugle taking pictures as the web-slinger we all have come to love…either that or he’s getting sandwich saving one world at a time. Find him anywhere with this


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  1. a good idea but let’s see how the snic fan base react to a new game, i think they are going to complain like usual and i’m gonna say something…if you keep complaining about the games and u want this and that dont be a sonic fan, now i’m not saying you have to like all the games like the stupid fanboys because i can say i hated sonic 06 but just dont keep complain bout 2d/3d gameplay yeah i say put more 3d but i dont complian about it i just play it so. what im saying is…CUT SEGA SOME SLACK NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE PERFECT!!! and if u dont like wat i say u go make the games!


  2. I think if SEGA can actually pull off a modern Sonic Adventure game, with the modern production values and care that more recent iterations of Sonic have gotten, it’ll be great to see. And I know some people want to complain about the supposedly large cast of Sonic characters, the only reason most people don’t like them is because they’ve been haphazardly misused in the past that they end up looking like stupid hangers-on, but they all have great potential if SEGA can be bothered to give them some proper attention.

    Honestly, the only thing that bugs me is rumor (or almost complete confirmation) of Ken Pontac being involved in the writing of the English script again. I found the writing for the English dubs of Sonic Colors and Generations to be some of the most annoying writing I’ve seen in anything–and that’s including the ridiculous rewrites of the original Dragon Ball Z! I feel the scripts for those games were bogged down with one throwaway joke after another, and they have little personality because of that (don’t get me wrong, the games were great, just not the English dubs attached to them). I realize a Sonic game shouldn’t be about the story as much as the gameplay, but the legacy of the Adventure games is rooted in a good story tied into great, varied gameplay–why else are they so fondly remembered even by people who say they hate the “modern” era of Sonic games? Of course, I won’t pass judgment this early on, who knows? Maybe Pontac will surprise me.


    • If I can like and praise this comment I would a 1000 times my man. You are completely right about everything you said. The “large” cast isn’t as large as people think because many of these characters were from old Sonic games and like you said some of the old ones and addition of new ones were mishandled and gave them a bad rep. The only character I ever had a problem with was Big the Cat; otherwise from Shadow, E102-Y, Team Chaotix, I’ve never had a problem and thought everyone fitted in as well.
      I do have a problem with Ken too because the way Sonic is in these video game dubs makes his Saturday Morning Cartoon (not the one based off the comics) seem more mature and funny than he does. It is filled with dumb one-liners and Tails becoming an absolute…well you know.

      The Adventure series (along with Heroes) have a fantastic story which was both fun and thrilling. Gameplay always supercedes the story for me, but you are right if the game is an Adventure game the story better be on par! We’ll see everything when the time comes but in the mean time for Adventure….get Tails out of the machine!


  3. Well the idea of returning the old levels from the early games certainly tickles my nostalgia zone. I thought Sonic Adventure had a bit of a bad rep though, not sure why they’d want to use that brand specifically, especially not when it’s been dead since the Dreamcast days (Dreamcast connotations = bad).

    As far as characters goes, for me Sonic will always be about Tails and Knuckles, nobody else! The Sonic characters are getting a bit like Pokemon – you just want them to stop making new ones, but no, here’s 100 more…


    • I agree about your nostalgia factor and the fact that only really Tails and Knuckles are the side characters that you care about, but to counter the Adventure series is actually critically acclaimed. Many people actually first played Sonic Adventure or bought the remakes for the Gamecube and talk about how it was Sonic’s best 3D adventure. I thought Shadow was pretty cool and Team Chaotix has been around since the 32X so only really Rogue the Bat was added to the character list. Amy and Metal Sonic (who I hope makes a return) already existed and of course Dr. Robotnik.
      Let’s hope this game is awesome or get some details


      • Aha, interesting. I know I enjoyed it, but I got the impression others hadn’t. And that’s true, I think I’d tentatively include Chaotix in my Sonic canon! As you say, Metal Sonic would be pretty awesomesauce.


        • That’s alright dood I mean as long we enjoy it first that is the main thing otherwise we’d be on the other side of this argument holding pitchforks and fires to burn Sonic down. I’m kinda with you on Chaotix I don’t mind them but at the same time they should be used right. We don’t need no Big the Cat! lol but Metal Sonic would be freaking awesome


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