Rayman Legends Delayed Again To Go Multiplatform

The Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends can now be known as a former Wii U exclusive as Ubisoft have decided to bring it to other platforms.

In addition to coming to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, Rayman Legends is now coming in September on all three platforms. A demo is currently available on the Wii U and was originally intended to be a Wii U launch title.

Ubisoft’s Geoffroy Sardin explained the decision to move to other platforms. “We heard from many Xbox and PlayStation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system. We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience expose to this innovative and memorable game.”

The departure of Rayman Legends as a launch game marks this the second Wii U exclusive to be lost to other platforms. It was revealed yesterday that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge was to be coming to the 360 and PS3 with additional content.

It’s worth noting that whilst we know that Rayman Legends is coming to the PS3 and 360, but we don’t know much else about the delay. It’s possible that we could see the Wii U’s GamePad functions for Rayman Legends be utilised for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita using the Cross-controller mechanic that Sony has been using for LittleBigPlanet 2. It may not be such an unlikely idea, Rayman Origins was a launch game for the Vita so the notion of the Rayman Legends using the Vita is not unbelievable.

Source: Eurogamer.

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