Why Peter Parker and MJ Can’t Be

This was something I felt like addressing because it seems that those who aren’t too happy about Superior Spider-Man can’t allow themselves to understand certain aspects of the story. In this case the main focus has been Doc Oc trying to be a better Peter Parker which involves him trying to get with Mary Jane, and more so in her pants than thinking of a real relationship.

They call it creepy, unpleasant, sudden, all things you can call many books yet this stands out among them all because they still can’t accept Spider-Man having his body controlled by Doc Oc. I mean they even brought Peter back in the first issue who has had some influence over Doc Oc’s actions when he crosses the line and as he himself tries to find a way to take back his body. It’s one thing to say the book is bad or that you don’t support it but when you can’t sit down and open your mind to the story then you really shouldn’t have bothered reading it in the first place. My first reaction would be to tell most to grow up, but that does nothing for either side so I’d rather give my perspective on this situation.

Peter Parker and MJ have been a disaster relationship from the start, this is a well known fact and nothing new. MJ has always been drawn to Peter Parker and more so Spider-Man because of her need to live life on the edge. This kind of balance makes it hard for the two to work because it’s as if he has to juggle both lives to keep her interested and one side is still too much of a dangerous lifestyle for MJ to be a part of. It’s a horrible cycle almost on par with Superman and Lois as protecting her comes first over trying to build a relationship. Not only this but that relationship is doomed to fail if it ever succeeds which is something Peter always understood no matter how bad he didn’t want that to be the case.

Now in Superior Spider-Man Doc Oc has been trying to have his way with MJ by taking her out on dates to try and ignite the same spark they had when Peter was in that body. This ends up as many failed attempts because he didn’t understand MJ and what truly made her attracted to Peter. All his attempts to be a better Peter had driven her away from him because she wasn’t interested in seeing him perfect or as confident in himself as Doc Oc was trying to be. She liked him to be that dork and also be that superhero that would save her at the last minute. This was not something that would please someone that tries to think everything through with their brain instead of their heart. Someone like Doc Oc doesn’t understand true love and that’s why this story is important because it’s another thing that he could not accomplish with that blown ego of his.

In all seriousness I had to question my self for a second why I put so much effort into defending the assumptions that comics aren’t for children when grown comic readers are yelling rape at a comic. I mean something that you consider creepy like this is nothing new and it certainly is not rape unless I have to pull out the definition of that act and I only hope that I don’t.

But getting back to the fact that he has all of Peter’s memories. This does not mean that he automatically becomes Peter, this means that he still has Peter’s influence over him to tell him what is possible and impossible. All he has to do is look for a certain memory and no matter how he tries to outdo Peter it is all moot if he can’t understand the meaning behind each memory. Like I have said in the past, the role of Spider-Man is a mantle and that’s not something Doc Oc can’t fight off or rewrite to his standards.

Superior Spider-Man is not about the death of Spider-Man, in all honesty it’s about the death of Doc Oc and this alone adds to what will eventually kill him knowing that in no way can he become a better person, hero, and definitely not Peter Parker.


And stay tuned!


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