Thoughts On The Series Masks

Ever wondered what happens when you put the most iconic vigilantes in one kickass book? This book right here gives you that and so much more.

This is a book centered around The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Kato, and The Spider, I mean what more can you ask for? It’s not even about superheroes with powers, but vigilantes that are known for wearing masks and just overall for being badasses. This is one crossover that I’m surprised took this long to pull off but they did it and it’s one amazing story. It’s 1938, and the Justice Party has swept into office in New York State. But the newly-elected officials are in the control of powerful criminals, who quickly corrupt the law to their own advantage. When a fascist police state is instituted, the only ones who stand in defense of the innocent are masked vigilantes like the Shadow, the Green Hornet, Kato, and the Spider. Not even just them but other heroes like ZoroΒ  Black Bat, Miss Fury, Black Terror, Green Lama and many more to make appearances throughout the series.

The story really sells the whole book because these are all heroes who have a stake in this situation and the writer Chris Roberson really pulls it off in making every character stand out. Each have their own dialogue, have their own ambition and they have their own way of doing this which becomes the determining factor in whether they succeed or fail. Not once do you ever feel that their union is forced and not once do you feel that any one of them is out of character. The pacing was on point and the intensity was kept at a reasonable level.

Visually this book is stunning as it’s not too vivid, which is something that fits the style of the book. It gives that vibe that you could only get when your following the lives of someone who hides behind a mask which the artist Alex Ross portrayed very successfully. You actually feel like it takes place in 1938 and the faded backgrounds help add to that visualization. Not only this but the facial expressions and effects really add to making the characters believable in their reactions and when they’re in combat. The combat itself are the highlight of the story because each have their own style and it does stick out very well because of the artist.


And stay tuned!


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