Ubisoft Montreal’s Next Project Leaked?

An unannounced Ubisoft project named Osiris has been uncovered by NeoGAF members that may have a link to the alleged Prince of Persia reboot screenshot from last year.

The content uncovered was a trailer that is currently being made that features motion-capture acting with pieces of concept art mixed in. The trailer is extremely rough but it is enough to show that the game appears to be set in ancient Egypt with the player placed in the role of the “Hero”, named as such in the trailer. Most interestingly, the trailer displays a caption that says “from the studio that brought you Assassin’s Creed”.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 10.03.31

The trailer itself can be viewed on the Vimeo account of composer Mark Kilian who was the composer for Rendition.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 10.04.04

Whilst there is no hint of gameplay for Osiris, the hero character does bear some resemblance to the character seen in the leaked image from an unannounced Ubisoft game last year that. The screenshot in question pictured a large, muscular individual in what looked to be an ancient city most likely in the East. With this rough-cut trailer, the NPC’s apparel seen in the screenshot do bear resemblance to the clothing typically work in Ancient Egypt.


The leaked image was thought to be a reboot for a new Prince of Persia game, a franchise that Ubisoft yesterday said was “paused”. Perhaps it is not coincidence that this news emerges just after Ubisoft confirmed the status of the franchise.

Of course, there is no official word yet so whether this is a new IP for the next generation of consoles or it is indeed related to Prince of Persia remains to be seen.

Source: IGN.

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  1. The trailer looks very interesting even if it’s indeed rough. Excited for this one mainly because there aren’t so many games set in Egypt + it’s Ubisoft. Rockstar is my favorite developer, but Ubisoft is without a doubt next on the list. From AC to POP to Tom Clancy’s, those guys are awesome!!! By the way, have you noticed that the writing style for “From the studio that brought you” looks like something written in God of War game? Maybe just a coincidence…


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