Burnout Paradise 2 in the Works?

The Burnout series by Criterion Games is a much loved franchise that hasn’t seen many iterations on the current batch of home consoles, with Burnout Paradise the last full retail title. However, it seems Burnout may be dusting off it’s leather interior for another fast speed title in the future.

Alex Ward, one of the leading men over at Criterion Games. Has hinted that Burnout Paradise may have a sequel in the works, through his personal Twitter account.

Now of course, this is no confirmation and it could be that Criterion Games and Ward are only considering the idea for a sequel. But the fact they are asking for fans opinions, is a good sign that we haven’t seen the last of the Burnout franchise.

Criterion has been busy with the Need for Speed franchise ever single Paradise, which was the open-world racing version of the Burnout series. It was received very well critically and commercially and many fans have been clamouring for the next title in the arcade racing behemoth.


Now this could most likely be a next generation title, if they are implementing ideas at this point. But the main thing is, what do you (the fans) think? Would you be excited for another open-world Burnout game? Are you itching to get your Crash Mode on? (I know I am) Let us know below.

Source: StickSkills

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  1. Burnout Paradise is the only driving game I enjoy, mainly because I hate racing and love open world stuff. They should add soft-body physics, larger map, better graphics, more multiplayer features and allow doing activities in freeburn to get better licence and more cars. (I spend most of my time in freeburn, so I rarely do stuff for the licence.


    • I haven’t really got into a racing game since Paradise, so hard for me to comment, but Burnout is my favourite series and as long as they have Crash Mode I am happy.


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