THQ to Sell Back Catalog in Coming Weeks

Yesterday was a big day in the reshuffling of THQ studios and IP’s, many of the companies big named assets were auctioned off to the likes of Ubisoft, Koch Media, Take-Two and Crytek. However THQ hold the rights to many more franchises that were not included in the auction. THQ President Jason Rubin has confirmed to Game Informer that those titles will also be sold off.


“There will be a separate process to sell off the back catalog and IP,” Rubin explained. “That process will take place in the coming weeks.”


However no exact date has been finalized for these back catalog sales, or any specifics as to which titles will be included in the sales. We do know THQ had a wide array of franchises still in the wardrobe, including Red Faction, de Blob, Destroy All Human! and Homeworld. Not only that, but as we reported Vigil Games and Darksiders were both left without bids in the auction yesterday and the IP could be on the table within these new sales. This may be where Platinum Games conducts their purchase of Darksiders, since they showed a great deal of interest in the IP on Twitter today.

Sources: IGN, Game Informer

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