Tomb Raider Achievements Are Multiplayer Heavy


Tomb Raiders reboot has had it’s achievement listed posted on the Internet today and it reveals that a lot of the achievements to be gained are multiplayer centric.

Posted on Xbox360Achievements, 250G of the games achievements will focus around the multiplayer portion of the game making it compulsory for achievement and trophy hunters to venture onto the online component of the game. The most likely scenario is that this list is the same that will be featured for the PlayStation 3 version of the game as well.

The achievement list looks to be quite quite exasperating indeed with the award for 30G requiring players to reach level 60 in the online mode. Based upon how the multiplayer is received when the game is released, players will have to wait and see if the road to level 60 turns out to be an arduous task or an enjoyable one instead.

If theres a chance of the multiplayer being developed, Tomb Raider has a good chance. With the single player campaign being handled by series creator Crystal Dynamics, the multiplayer is being handled by Eidos Montreal with the express reason to prevent the game from seeming tacked on.

“It’s something we talked about when creating the initial design for ‘Tomb Raider’, but it was very important that there weren’t any distractions from our focus on delivering a great single player experience, so we parked the idea of creating multiplayer at Crystal Dynamics and looked to our sister studio, Eidos-Montréal” said Crystal Dynamics Darren Gallagher.

Tomb Raider will also not be getting a demo in the months leading up to the release and players may be happy to know that the game won’t require an online pass either.

Source: IGN.

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