All Skyrim DLC Coming To PS3 Next Month

‘Dragonborn’, ‘Hearthfire’, ‘Dawnguard’ – all for Sony + ‘Dragonborn’ for PC

A few months ago we told you about a surprising tweet from Bethesda, telling fans that they are close to bringing the ‘Skyrim’ DLC to Sony’s console. Well, now we know it’s happening, and it’s actually earlier than you might have guessed.

PlayStation 3 fans rejoice! Bethesda has finally announced on their blog that they are going to bring all the expansions of ‘Skyrim’ to your favorite console in February, beginning with ‘Dragonborn’, continuing with ‘Hearthfire’, and then it’s all about the vampire affairs in ‘Dawnguard’.

In addition, the PlayStation 3 version will also get an update to 1.8, just ahead of the first DLC. Unfortunately, no specific release dates for any of the expansions were divulged, but as a way of apologizing for such a massive delay, Bethesda has decided that all the ‘Skyrim’ expansions will be 50 percent off during their launch week on PlayStation Network.

In addition to the PS3, the ‘Dragonborn’ DLC will also be available for PC starting February 5th. Players can get it through ‘Steam’.

Also, keep an eye out for yet another possibly incoming DLC for ‘Skyrim’, allegedly entitled ‘RedGuard‘.

Source: GameSpot

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