Shades of Darkness Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Ubisoft today announced the pre-order incentives for Might & Magic Heroes VI expansion, Shades of Darkness. The pre-order bonuses feature exclusive in-game content and is available for pre-order through the Uplay shop, those who pre order will receive the Master of all Darkness pack containing:

The Angel of Death pack:

  • The exclusive hero named Belketh
  • His unique weapon known as the Dragonbone staff

The Dynasty Armoury pack, which includes two dynasty weapons

  • The Dragon Flametongue
  • The Perfect Silksword

And an exclusive Dynasty Weapon

  • The Staff of Sar Aggreth

This fully fledged standalone game will feature cult hero Raelag. Along with a new faction named Dungeon, led by the Dark Elves. The game will feature two brand new campaigns where players will replay the historical moment when a band of rebel elves, forges an alliance with the mighty Black Dragons and eventually became the Dark Elves.

The Shades of Darkness expansion will release this February 28, but while you wait you can enjoy the full Might & Magic Heroes IV Complete Edition. Which contains the enhanced game, every bonus map and item, the original soundtrack, adventure packs and of course The Shades of Darkness expansion.

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  1. I LOVED the entire ‘Heroes of Might and Magic’ series, all the way to the first game. Going to pick the Complete Edition soon. I just hope the next game in the series will be a reboot. The franchise really needs it…


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