Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dust is Coming to the US!

When a JRPG finally gets localized, it never fails to bring a smile to my face. The latest installment of the Atelier series is no exception. Tecmo Koei America finally drew  the curtains on, Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk for the PlayStation 3; its coming to North America on March 5th!


While TK is doing the publishing this time around, NIS America will continue to do the translation as it always has prior to Tecmo Koei acquiring developer Gust.

The game will feature a new story starring Ayesha; a young girl who goes off to search for her sister, Nio, who has long gone missing. Featuring an updated alchemy system, enhanced battle mechanics, and new Diary System – a feature that allows for Ayesha to store all her important recipes, battle info, and have a better grip on her quest to find her missing sister.

It is always great to hear good news about JRPGs making it over seas, but sometimes we got to give up something in order to receive something else; ie. the law of equivalent exchange… Oh? Wrong alchemists! Either way, the series had traditionally carried a dual audio track, however when the game hits store shelves March 5th, it will only be carrying the english voiceovers. But!  Do not let that deter you from enjoying a true to heart traditional JRPG.

Until then though, enjoy these screenshots!

Atelier Ayesha_10

Atelier Ayesha_2

Atelier Ayesha_3

Atelier Ayesha_4

Atelier Ayesha_9

Atelier Ayesha_1

Note: Atelier Ayesha will also be arriving in Europe come March 8th, as announced earlier. This version will also not feature dual-audio tracks as well.

Jaime aka. Paco  is an avid fan of JRPGs and Lakers basketball, both of which are doing somewhat poorly in their current state, however both seem to show positive improvement in the future. If you want to pop him a question, just comment below or reach him on his Twitter @RTBL1990


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