What Could The Ultimate Far Cry Compilation Hold?

With the news that The Ultimate Far Cry Compilation has been listed to be available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC but with no other information than pricing, it leaves the question asking just what is in this mysterious compilation. I see two likely scenarios here.

One, the original Far Cry, released in 2004 saw no release on consoles. It was a PC only game that is still very much loved today by the PC community. What this compilation could mean is that Far Cry is coming to consoles 8 years after its release. This, of course, is a good thing. The original Far Cry was one of the first games to allow players to tackle situations in variety of different ways. It placed the player in an open world, tropical paradise very similar to two of its sequels. Bear in mind that this was 2004 so the open world came in the form of sandbox levels. Players were given an objective to which they had to achieve by any means. You could pick off enemies long range with the use of a sniper rifle or you could tackle them head on with a full frontal assault with the former being preferred personally as Far Cry was a damned hard game when it wanted to be.

If this is indeed the case, then that would mean we’ll be seeing a collection of Far Cry, Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 on consoles and PC with all the DLC for Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3.

Now the second scenario, is that we’ll be getting not only Far Cry ported to consoles, but it’s sequels as well. The original Far Cry had sequels that never made it to the PC and were instead released on the original Xbox, thus birthing the Far Cry franchise on consoles for the very first time. What we could get is Far Cry Instincts: Predator the 2006 game that had both Far Cry Instincts from 2005 and Far Cry Instincts: Evolution from 2006 but in high definition. This would make much more sense as this game was originally released for the Xbox 360 so it’s already available for at least one platform. Far Cry Instincts was also planned for a release on the Xbox, the Nintendo Gamecube and the PlayStation 2 with the latter versions being cancelled. So collectively, it would be Far Cry, Far Cry Instincts: Predator, Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 with all the DLC for FC2 and FC3.

Far Cry Instincts was brought to the Xbox for one reason, to get as close to the Far Cry experience as possible on a console. The problem was, the first game was developed by Crytek, the people behind the Crysis series. What’s the problem you ask? Well, like the original Crysis, the original Far Cry was a technological powerhouse that ate up the processing power of computers in 2004 and porting it to consoles was impossible due to the likely fact that if you were to try and port it, your console would grow arms, take a pistol to its head and would blow itself away into silicon purgatory.

Fingernails of certain death!

So what Ubisoft did is give it to Ubisoft Montreal, the guys behind Assassin’s Creed III. What they did was take as much of they could from the original and make it into a console experience. Whilst it was a rebuilt-for-consoles version, it still remained one of the most varied shooters out there. Players were still given the option to use stealth and a tactical strategy. However, the only similarity that it shared with the original were the characters names and the tropical setting. Apart from that, it was a completely different game. This game still featured a large arsenal of weapons and a decent array of vehicles including the Far Cry favourite hangglider but with superhuman animal powers that allowed the player to move super quick, jump super far and slash enemies with claws. So yes, it was quite the deviation. The good news is that this all went down a treat and worked very, very well.

Now if we are getting four games let alone the collection, the pricing would have to be higher. Far Cry 3 only just came out in November and December and it’s unlikely that you would include the four games for roughly £10 each. If the collection features four games, then it would be more likely that the price of £39.99 is just a place holder. A more realistic price would be something along the lines of £59.99. That said, Ubisoft put out collections at a decent price. After all, the Assassin’s Creed Anthology released just after Assassin’s Creed III and was only £99.97 and it had all the DLC so we could be seeing a collection with all the DLC. The collection would make sense from a content point of view but with a price point of £39.99, it doesn’t seem realistic.

Fire arrows were rubbish. Use explosive instead.

If it were to release for £39.99, then it would likely be Far Cry, Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 with no DLC but that’s hardly an “Ultimate” compilation. You may remember a report from last month containing news of the Far Cry trilogy being released on steam for under £5. Now that was a great deal.

Of course, there is no official existence of the Ultimate Far Cry Compilation so for now, we’ll just have to play all the games individually on their respective platforms. In the meantime, you should just play Far Cry 3. Trust me, it’s brilliant. Check out Analog Addictions review here!

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction, the home of the latest news, reviews and previews. You can follow George on Twitter and his blog on IGN. Don’t forget to follow the OFFICIAL Analog Addiction Twitter!


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