‘Shadow of the Colossus’ Movie to be Penned by ‘Hanna’ Writer

500Maybe he’ll make Wander into a teenage German girl. Hopefully.

Hanna was a movie that explored the idea we’ve all had before: What if Jason Bourne was a 16 year-old German girl? Also, there was a really awkward lesbian kiss scene halfway through the movie and this woman in the theater stood up and left, never to return.

It’s a pretty good movie, though I’d hardly call it groundbreaking or distinct. It was worth the $8 admission and I wouldn’t object to watching it again if a friend rented it, but I wouldn’t choose it over other films of the genre, given the choice.

But enough about a movie that not too many people saw, I’m here about a movie that I hope many people will go out of their way to watch. A film that will hopefully not suck, as so many of its brethren have. I’m talking about the Shadow of the Colossus movie. What does the SotC movie have to do with my pointless ramblings about Hanna? Well, if you were clever enough to read the title, you may have guessed that the euro teenage girl action movie’s writer, Canadian-born Seth Lochhead, would be the pen-holder of SotC‘s story and script.

Josh Trank, director of the really cool sci-fi movie that I never saw, Chronicle, is also set to work the directing chair.

I know, I know. You all wanted Peter Jackson to direct and/or produce the film, but we all can’t have the Hobbit and SotC being made into perfect works of art.


Also, it’s going to star Brad Pitt as Wander, Mariah Carey as the dead chick, and Vin Diesel will play all of the Colossi, in full costume.

That was a joke.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Frank Margarella wants to play as Agro. You can follow Frank on twitter @Fuhjem.


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