PS2 Discontinued in Japan

Maybe it is the end of the world.


Oftentimes considered one of the greatest consoles to have ever been released, the Sony Playstation 2 has been discontinued in Japan. No longer will there be a brand new PS2 on the shelves for little Hiro or Soirichi, waiting for them to carry him home.

It’s a sad story, to be honest. With a fantastic games catalogue, such as Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2, Okami, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and more, plus the revolutionary Eye Toy, a precursor to the Kinect, the Playstation 2 was a valued gem in the heydays of 3d gaming.

Also, let’s not forget that it had backwards compatibility to play Medieval, a.k.a. the only game you ever NEED to play.

What do you guys think of the discontinuation?

Source: Destructoid

Frank Margarella never even owned a PS2, but has tried multiple times to buy one off his friends. You can follow Frank on twitter @Fuhjem.


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