Retro City Rampage Arriving In Europe “Next Month”

To say Retro City Rampage is long awaited is an understatement. However, Vblank Entertainment have announced via Twitter that Retro City Rampage’s European release date is coming .

Vblank’s Twitter feed is currently a continuous stream of questions asking the nostalgia fuelled developer when their 1980’s themed, 8-bit romp is out. Many of these questions have been answered with the mere window of “next month”. However, one Tweet stands out amongst the others.

Vblank have confirmed that Retro City Rampage will be out “next month for sure. It’s ready.” The long awaited European version of the game will, according to Vblank, include “all the patches/tweaks day one”.

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 21.48.00

Retro City Rampage has already missed its European release date once already. The game was originally meant to be out in the first quater of 2012 but no release date was given. Later on, the game was given a North American release of October the 9th. The European release date was scheduled for release later in October 2012 but missed its release date for reasons unknown. Nearing the end of November 2012, Vblank said numerous times that the game will be out soon but obviously, the game never saw a release. Moral of the story, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

It should be noted that Retro City Rampage is available on the European version of Steam. The European versions of the Vita, PS3, Xbox 360 and WiiWare versions are the ones that haven’t appeared yet.

Retro City Rampage is available everywhere else and has been added to the Instant Game Collection on PlayStation Plus.

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