Wii U Launches Nintendo TVii Today

“New Wii U Service Gives Every Member of the Family His or Her Own Personalized, Easy-to-Use Second-Screen Viewing Experience.”

This is how Nintendo describes their new TV service appropriately titled Nintendo TVii, a free television service ready for you to download today (Dec. 20) in the United States and Canada.

With Nintendo TVii, Nintendo aims merges many of the TV services available on the market into one simple location; your Wii U. You can use your cable, satellite, and/or video-on-demand services such as Comcast or Hulu Plus into the same convenient location.

At launch, TVii will support satellite and cable providers with Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus subscriptions as well. Those with Netflix or TiVo subscriptions will have to wait until early 2013, but Netflix is still accessible via the Wii U’s downloadable Netflix app.

TVii will also feature social networking features including Facebook, Twitter and Miiverse. With the social networking features, you will be able to share with others what you are watching and what you are thinking by using the GamePad. The service also utilizes the GamePad by integrating extra features and information depending on the program they are viewing. Users can also control their channel lineup in the cable package and video-on-demand services using the GamePad.

Each user on the Wii U will also be able to create their own profiles so everyone can have their own unique settings.

What do you think? Do you think the film and television services TVii is offering separates it from what’s already available on other consoles in the market? Do you see yourself using this if you buy a Wii U? Please inform us in the comments below.


When he is not bugging his parents to use their DVR service on his Wii U, Robbie Key proudly serves his post under “Reviews and News” for Analog Addiction. He is also Stephen F. Austin State University’s lone gaming journalist, a blogger for IGN, has a passion for those cryptic things known as video games and most importantly, he is American. You can follow his completely relevant Twitter updates and watch his awesomtacular YouTube videos. Be sure to look out for his future Wii U reviews as well.


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