Here’s Another Game Based on Unreal Engine 4

The developers of Blacklight, a futuristic free-2-play FPS, Zombie Studios, have announced their new project.

The game will be a psychological thriller one, it is expected for it to come out in the second quarter of 2013, and it’s only for the PC. What’s more important, is that it’ll use Epic’s new engine, Unreal Engine 4. Here’s what the creative studio head, Jared Gerritzen, had to say about it:

We have used Unreal Engine technology for almost a decade and after previewing Unreal Engine 4 at this year’s Game Developers Conference, we knew we would be building our next games on it. Epic has provided a wholly new kind of foundation for artists and designers. We’ve been able to work in ways we have only dreamed about with UE4, which will be a fundamental benefit to our studio as we move into the next generation of games and take our studio to the next level

In related news, Epic head of North American licensing, Joe Kreiner, stated the following:

For years Zombie has achieved great results with our technology and tools, and their enthusiasm for UE4 is infectious. UE4 is a next-gen engine in terms of workflow, productivity and scalability – not to mention the creative freedom it gives developers. We can’t wait to see Zombie’s vision for its newest project come full circle

Zombie is the second studio to license the new engine, the first one being Square Enix. This is also the second game (that we know of) which will use the new Unreal Engine, the first one being Epic’s Fortnite, available for the PC sometimes next year. Zombie Studios’ upcoming thriller will also be released around 2013.

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Source: IGN

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