Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament DLC Available Now

Sleeping Dogs is one of the most underrated games of this year. It has a great story, interesting, and very likeable characters, awesome fighting moves, great graphics, and a wide city to explore. There have been quite a few DLCs launched these past few months, and now, we’re happy to announce that yet a new adventure awaits those who want more.

online_copy of SD_Zodiac_Poster_v4-Recovered copy

Available today, the Zodiac Tournament DLC (400MSP, $4.99) for Square Enix and United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs invites players to become the dragon and unleash their fists of fury!

Invited to an exclusive combat tournament on a hidden island off the coast of Hong Kong, Wei Shen faces the ultimate test of his mastery of martial arts, taking on the world’s greatest warriors in a fight… to the death.


Set on the remote Zodiac Island, a crumbling temple complex plays host to a series of ancient arenas, each more complex and deadly than the last. Avoiding deadly fire pits or spike-clad ceilings are merely a distraction when up against a collection of cold-blooded killers from every discipline of close-quarters combat.


Wei must utilize his full move set, combined with a few new ones picked up on the way, to defeat all that stand in his way and take-out  the island’s big boss.

Here are more pictures for your delight:

ZT_0aZT_0bZT_0dZT__3ZT__ 1

Looking pretty good, is it not? Well to top it off, we present you the official trailer to this awesome new DLC:

For more kung fu lessons… go to a Dojo. For everything Sleeping Dogs related, keep it locked to Analog Addiction.

Vlad Pintea was incredibly surprised of how much he liked the characters from this new IP, and really hopes there will be a sequel, featuring more fights, and even a bigger Asian city to explore. You can contact him via e-mail at or, on Skype, My IGN, Steam (all at the same name: vlad94pintea) or Facebook (Vlad Pintea). Have a good day and remember! Stay calm and keep on gaming!


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