Mini Roundtable: Festive Gaming Traditions

With Christmas around the corner, a week tomorrow (at time of writing this) to be precise. It’s a time for people to be thankful for what they have, a time to be with your family. It is also a time for gaming, maybe catch up on games or play the new games you get from Santa/Father Christmas/Noel. With that in mind here’s mine and Jamie’s festive gaming traditions:


I love Christmas, it’s a fantastic time for me as I spend it with family and it’s generally just a wonderful and happy time of year. My family have the tradition of getting up early, being showered, dressed and fed before presents are opened. Once that’s all done, I inspect which new game(s) that I have got and while Mum prepares the Turkey myself and my older brother would look at the back and the manual – although not anymore since the manual’s now are just a piece of paper – and we would prepare ourselves to play a game. In the past it as varied from Gran Turismo 3 with our new driving wheel on the game or even a board game which will include my Dad playing too. On a slight tangent, board games are brilliant and iOS is helping keep these games accessible. But board games are a brilliant from of gaming – check out Geek & Sundry’s series Tabletop as well as On The Table on Youtube – tell them I and Analog Addiction sent you. If not my brother and I would watch one of us play our new game or console (or handheld) and get engrossed in it. Previous games have been James Bond Everything or Nothing, Assassin’s Creed 2 and a PSP with Virtua Tennis World Tour. It is a brilliant time for gaming although despite having little due to some other festive traditions it’s not extensive but it truly is some quality time gaming.


When I was a kid I would usually awaken to a small stack of presents, what were these gifts? Games of course! My Christmas would then be spent playing every single game at least once and then sticking with my favourite for the rest of the day. 

These days Christmas is less magical in terms of gaming, however last year was spent playing inFamous Festival of Blood and then Trials HD…The most fun/frustrating gaming Christmas ever experienced.

What are your festive gaming traditions? As ever feel free to  comment on the blog below or tweet your traditions.

Hugh is an editor (when he writes) for Analog Addiction you can follow him on Twitter where you can see what it’s like to be a Sunderland fan or whatever menial things he gets up to.


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